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  Laser Veil Stealth Coating
Laser Veil Stealth Coating

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Tested at the Speed Measurement Labs 4 years in a row, Veil stealth coating reduced laser gun sensitivity by as much as 72%

The Veil Stealth Coating will turn your radar detector from a ticket notifier to a ticket preventor.

Coating is applied to your front license plate and headlights.
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Description Freqently Asked Questions

Did you know that your radar detector by itself is completely worthless in protecting you against police laser traps?

Today police departments across the world are trading in their radar guns for lidar guns.

The reason?

Well there are actually several:
  1. Because of the narrow beam of a police lidar gun your radar detector will never alert you unless the beam is targeted towards your car and your radar detector.
  2. As soon as your radar detector alerts you to the police laser trap, the officer has already locked in your speed. In other words “when you’re shot your got”.
  3. And as police departments have seen such a significant increase in speeding tickets, which result in higher insurance premiums, insurance companies have been purchasing laser guns for police departments to use.
Because of this, just having a radar detector installed in your car is not enough to avoid those costly speeding tickets.

Police Laser Countermeasure Products

Laser Jammer: The most effective way to combat police lidar traps is with a laser jammer. However a good laser jammer will cost you over $500 and they are illegal in many states.

Laser Veil Stealth Coating: The most affordable way to combat police lidar traps is having a good radar detector and coat your headlights and front license plate with Veil.

Veil Stealth CoatingVeil is the first and only truly effective passive laser counter measure device that reduces the reflectability of license plate, headlamps and other areas of your vehicle. Veil is a laser absorbent film that will reduce your visual signature by reducing near infrared laser light reflections. The treated areas will appear black to the police laser gun.

7 Reasons to Consider the Veil Stealth Coating

  1. Transforms your radar detector from a ticket notifier to a ticket preventer.
  2. Proven to reduce police lidar targeting range as much as 73%.
  3. Pays for itself with your first police lidar encounter.
  4. One 5.5 oz. can provides 8 to 10 applications for one or more vehicles.
  5. Long lasting protection, does not wash off in car washes.
  6. Includes a 1”, 2” and 3” foam edging brush along with a nylon brush.
  7. Made in the U.S.A.
Veil Stealth Coating Review

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Not sure if it works yet but I'll find out soon October 4, 2014
Reviewer: Peter H from Akron, OH United States  
The veil coating is easy to apply, but not necessarily easy to get even coverage. It definitely takes some work and effort to get it to cover and set up properly. Take your time and don't rush the job and it will turn out perfect

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
great product August 25, 2014
Reviewer: Dang from Lake Bluff, IL  
i use this product every day while driving. i had an alert when drive on the i 20 and my radar when off it was night and i did not know where the cop was i was going to fast. i do not have a laser jammer but the cop never cam after me i slowed down when my radar detctor when off and it was a great experince veil is great. it works.

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i would buy this product again February 14, 2014
Reviewer: Travel with an from Phila., Pa  
i use this product on every day driving on city roads and highway roads

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Very effective protection. September 24, 2013
Reviewer: Showtime from Lubbock Texas  
I applied this at the beginning of February, 2010 and it hasn't lost any of it's effectiveness.  In Illinois their was a cop standing on an overpass with a Laser gun and a radio, he got a direct hit on me while I was going 85 mph and he never even flinched.  I have been hit with laser several other times and never caught the attention of the cop shooting me.  This is very good at doing what it is

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Reduces Light! June 20, 2013
Reviewer: pat from Aurora, Colorad  
Reduced visibility DRAMATICALLY! Need to have it removed ASAP!

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