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  Passport Radar Detector

Passport Radar Detector

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Video Review Passport Radar Detector
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Passport Radar Detector Review

Overall Rating: 87 Points

Overview of the Escort Passport

Today, all radar detectors have 360-degree protection and will detect X, K, and Ka band analog signals. However, many of them will not perform at the level you will need to warn you in time when shot by the newer digital instant on radar guns.

As a result, you need a detector that is enabled with Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which allows the detector to alert to instant on radar miles away.

This is just one of the many other features included in the Passport radar detector by Escort.

The Passport is built on the Escort’s M4 antenna design, which enables the detector to have 4X the capture distance of a police K and Ka radar gun.

Another unique feature of the Passport is that it also includes an internal Bluetooth chip set. This will give you direct access to the Escort Live community through your smartphone, enabling the sharing of real time alerts with other Escort and Beltronics radar detectors in your area.

Long Range Radar Detection: 5 Points

The Passport is built on Escort’s M4 antenna design, which places the Passport in the Long Range Category, with 4 times the capture distance of a police radar gun.

The result is a detector that will provide ample warning of instant on K and Ka Radar miles away.

Sensitivity and Filtering: 7 Points

When paired with the Escort Live system, the Passport is able to detect your speed through your phone’s GPS and adjust the sensitivity of the detector automatically.

Here are examples why this is beneficial:

You’re driving at highway speeds; the Passport recognizes this and automatically switches to highway mode for maximum effectiveness.

Then, as you drive into a shopping center surrounded by automatic door openers the Passport will dial down the sensitivity so you won't be bombarded by false alerts.

Also, when paired with the Escort Live system, Escort uses the power of your phone’s GPS to learn and store known false alert locations based upon the exact location and frequency and then filter them out.

The result is a detector that isn’t going to pester you with a ton of false alerts like other radar detectors will.

Thus, it will provide you with protection when you need it most, without annoying you with false alerts when you don’t.

Your Passport is also equipped with TSR Filtering. Here is what it does and why it’s so important:

Many state, county, and city highway departments in the US have installed devices called traffic flow sensors (TSR) to measure the flow of traffic on city streets and highways.

These traffic flow sensors transmit a strong K band signal, which cause radar detectors to alert.

To combat this, Escort has developed TSR rejection software to block out these annoying false alerts.

The result is that you’re not going to have to shut down your radar detector to keep from being blasted by false alerts when driving in areas where these types of devices are used.

Escort Live Connectivity: 10 Points

The Passport has an internal Bluetooth chipset, allowing you to tap right into the Escort Live community though your iPhone or Android smart phone.

On Escort Live you will be sharing radar, laser, and cop spotted alerts with other Escort and Beltronics users in your area.

Photo Enforcement Protection: 6 Points

Automated photo enforcement cameras and speed traps are everywhere today!

When interfaced with the Escort Live system, your detector will have access to Escort’s Defender photo enforcement database, which will alert you as you approach one of these locations.

You can also add your own “hot spots” using the mark location feature.

Clear Digital Voice Alerts: 10 Points

The Passport has clear voice alerts, providing you with the information you need without having to take your eyes off the road.

Easy Advanced Programming: 10 Points

You can program your Passport by pressing the buttons on the control interface or by using the Escort Live app on your smart phone.

You can set the color and brightness of your display, program the radar bands used in your area, adjust the filtering options, and more.

High Definition OLED Display: 10 Points

The multi-color graphic display of the Passport is easy to see even in bright sunlight.

Intuitive icons make it easy to immediately identify threats, and the ability to adjust the screen's colors allows you to match the display to your vehicle's interior gauges.

Warranty & Support: 10 Points

Your Passport comes equipped with Escort’s 1-year warranty and our 30-day no risk money back guarantee.

Also, because we have been an authorized Escort dealer since 1997, you’re pre-approved to purchase Escort’s extended 24 month extend warranty for only $29.95.

Here on RadarBusters, Radar Roy has several articles in his help guide section to assist you in getting the most out of your detector such as: How to Maximize the Use of your Radar Detector, How to Update Your Radar Detector, and Defensive Driving Tips for Radar Detector Users.

You’re welcome to contact Radar Roy direct 24/7 by using the contact form on this website or calling our toll free number during normal business hours.

Motorcycle Use: 9 Points

When properly accessorized with the proper motorcycle mount, external warning device, and weather protection, the Passport becomes a great radar detector for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Mounting Systems: RadarBusters offers a variety of motorcycle radar detector and cell phone mounts by Techmount, which will fit virtually any motorcycle.

External Warning Device: The Passport does have an external earphone jack, which you can plug into your motorcycle sound system. However, we would recommend the Legal Speeding HARD system, which is a wireless heads up display.

Also, because the Passport has an internal Bluetooth, you can mount your cell phone to your motorcycle and receive Escort Live alerts while riding. ( Note: The Bluetooth will not interface with your motorcycle’s sound system nor any external Bluetooth headset, as it was not designed for this purpose. However, you may be able to get alerts through your cellphone when paired with an external device )

Weather Protection: There are several websites that sell “motorcycle radar detector boxes,” but we don’t recommend them. Instead, go to your local CVS and buy a child’s size shower cap. It’s cheaper and will protect your detector just as well.

Included Accessories

Your Passport comes equipped with a travel case, windshield mount, 12 volt SmartCord, a quick reference guide, and a 1-year subscription to the Escort Live Community.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories you may want to consider when purchasing your Escort Passport are:

Direct Wire Smart Cord: Connects to your fuse box under your dash, freeing your cigarette lighter.

BlendMount Mirror Mount: Enables the mounting of the Passport to your rear view mirror.

Why Buy from Radar Roy?

Authorized Escort Dealer: RadarBusters has been an authorized dealer for Escort since 1995, so you can be assured that you detector is covered under Escort’s warranty program and pre-approved for Escort’s 24 month extended warranty program.
Radar Roy as Cop
Real Reviews: Unlike the other radar detector review websites out there, Radar Roy is a retired cop and certified traffic radar instructor with over 40 years of experience and has his own arsenal of police radar and laser guns. Luxury Automotive was so impressed with Roy’s high standards and qualifications that they dubbed him the “General Schwarzkopf of radar detectors.”

No Sales Tax: You will not be charged sales tax as long as your order is shipped outside of Arizona.

No Risk 30-Day money back guarantee: Don’t like your detector? Return it no questions asked!

Low Price Guarantee: By becoming a member of Radar Roy’s VIP Club you will receive his 90-day price match guarantee, ensuring that you will get the best price anywhere!

Trade Up – Not In: Considering trading your old radar detector for a new one? DON”T until you watch this video!

Radar Roy Support: Have a problem or concern with your detector? Then email Radar Roy 24/7 and he will PERSONALLY get back with you typically within 12 hours or less!
Passport Radar Detector K-Band Alert
Escort Live Police Spotted Alert

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Ordering/product --customer service/History/orders January 23, 2015
Reviewer: Marty from United States  
I just ordered this product--and the NEW and improved VEIL from Mr. Roy. This is my 3rd purchase from RadarRoy...WHAT A GUY!  I will await to RATE the product but in our emails..this was the perfect detector for my habits/driving...SO..I have been dealing with Roy since 2005....Just a GREAT experience with him...and his WEALTH of knowledge...and video's..why even think of buying-elsewhere? Thanks again Roy....We have 2 trips coming up...Minnesota and then, Florida...I will report in. Be safe out there...Marty...

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Everything As-Advertised January 12, 2015
Reviewer: Jim from Lee's Summit, MO United States  
I've had the Escort detector for only a few days, but so far so good.  The Escort Live feature works well, and the Bluetooth synched right up to my Android phone without a hitch, and the quality seems good.  One of the best things is the ability to lock out those known false alarm sources that you drive through every day.  I also like the 'Auto-No X' sensitivity setting since X radar is not used by LEO in my state,  but was constantly going off in my old Cobra due to who knows what.   I do mostly city freeway driving, so I went for the Escort rather than the Max or Redline, giving up some range in exchange for peace and quiet, so time will tell as to how well it protects, but i have no complaints on the initial set up.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Perfect January 7, 2015
Reviewer: Nickolas Campbell from Pittsville, MD United States  
All went well. No problems and great price. Thanks radar Roy!!!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Excellent Customer Service November 8, 2014
Reviewer: OLUFEMI FASANYA from Grand Prairie, TX United States  
I had a wonderful experience dealing with Roy of RadarBusters. First on the day of my purchase he stayed on the phone with me for close to 2 hrs while i dealt with paypal and when i finally made the purchase he  gave me a gift and shipped my item the same day. Days later i found out that the transaction was improperly charged by paypal and i was told the only solution was to return the item and buy it again so that the charges could be properly applied! so on my phone i go and talked to Roy again, This time he was able to find a solution to the problem that did not involve sending the item back. I higly recommend this business for all your radar detector needs.....plus with the 10% discount he offers, you will never get a better deal!!!!

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  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Great Step Up November 7, 2014
Reviewer: Dave from LAS VEGAS NV.  
I replaced my Cobra with the Passport after reading Roy's reviews and what a difference! Great performance, Escort Live, no false alerts!

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