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Active Radar Can Land You in Jail!

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11 Buyer Beware: active radar jamming can send you to jail!
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Active radar can land you in jail!


Currently, there is only one active radar jammer sold today, the Scorpion Ultimate radar jammer.

A few years ago Tiger Lily Products sold an active radar jammer that jammed X and K bands only, their model was called the Phantom RCD XP.

The punch through distance (distance away at where the police officers radar gun will begin receiving your vehicle) is as follows for the Phantom RCD XP model.

Punch Through Phantom XP
X-Band: 200 Feet
K-Band: 200 Feet

The company that actually manufactured the Phantom RCD XP was Scorpion and now has come out with their own X, K and Ka Band radar jammer. The new model is called the Scorpion "Ultimate" Ka jammer.

This new model was evaluated and tested by Speed Measurement Laboratories on January 6, 2005 and then again with Radar Roy on January 29, 2005.

Scorpion Radar Jammer
Radar Roy evaluating the
Scorpion Ultimate jammer

This is a three part system, consisting of the main control module and two modules that contain the antennas for the unit. The antenna modules could either be dash mounted or mounted inside the front grill. Both of these antenna modules are quite large, and if you choose to dash mount, it would take up most, if not all your dash area.

Scorpion "Ultimate" Jammer
Radar Gun 1500 " 1000" 500"
Bee III Ka 33.8 Ghz Jammed Jammed No Jam
ATR Ka 34.7 Ghz Jammed Jammed No Jam
Talon Ka 35.5 Ghz Jammed Jammed No Jam
SpeedGun X 10.535 Ghz Jammed Jammed Jammed
Decatur DSR-K
24.150 Ghz
Jammed Jammed* Jammed*

Results of the two runs at each gun are combined.
*On K band the radar gun reported for less than a second a speed of 80 mph on one run and 41 in another instance. The test vehicle was traveling at a constant speed of 36 mph on all runs.

The results clearly show the jamming efficiency of the Scorpion Ultimate radar jammer. This is also the first device that SML or Radar Roy tested that could jam Ka police radar guns. At 500 feet in the case of the three Ka radar guns, the guns reflected signal was more powerful than that being transmitted by the device and is consistent with the "rule of squares" of measuring the strength if the reflected radar gun signal. The continual variation of the Doppler audio of the radar guns further confirmed the device was indeed jamming the radar guns.

Costly Radar Jammer problems


You could be fined thousands of dollars, you could be jailed and/or be placed on federal probation.

It is a federal felony to possess, operate or sell these jammers.

Because of this, Radar Roy does NOT offer the Scorpion radar jammer for sale.

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