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Review: Radar Detector Frequencies

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What are the different radar detector frequencies the police use?

With police radar, there are all different types operating on different frequencies.

X band operates in the frequency of 10.475 to 10.575 gigahertz. This was the first microwave band used by police.

This band is also shared with many other devices in the same band including your garage door opener, the door opener at your grocery store and the banks security alarm system. Because of all these other devices sharing the bands, there are allot of false alerts.

Many detectors come with the option of turning this band off to reduce these false alerts as only 20% of all the radar guns out there on the street operate on this frequency.

K band was developed for police use in 1976 and currently over 60% of all the police radar guns use this frequency. This band is in the 24.0 to 24. 25 gigahertz spectrum. There are also other devices that operate on this band such as garage door openers, but the chance of false alerts are much lower then X band.

Ka band was developed for police use in 1989 and is used by the other 20% of the police radar guns today. This frequency is in the 33.4 to 36.0 gigahertz range.

This band is the cleanest band and false alerts are rare. The range of Ka is also much shorter then X or K band.

For comparison tests, to see how individual radar detectors perform on these bands, please click here

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