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Radar Detector Quick Tips

1. The first thing to know about radar detection is that police shoot microwaves at your car from wherever they are hiding. But instead of making your burrito hot, these microwaves bounce off your car back to the antenna which can then calculate your speed.

2. Because nobody likes paying tickets and sometimes you have to break the limit, manufacturers such as Escort, Beltronics, Cobra and Whistler constantly improve their radar detectors to keep you on the road rather than on the side of it.

3. Mounting is of primary concern. You want a to mount it in a place where it can maximize signal detection, but you may want to conceal it as well. Generally, the higher you mount, the better detection you'll get.

4. If you do opt for a fancy mounting job, opt for one that is easily removed so you can use your detector in other vehicles. This is invaluable for long car trips with friends who don't have the forethought that you do.

5. When actually choosing a radar detector, the more frequencies, or bands, the better. Police radar guns employ many frequencies to detect speeders, and if yours  doesn't cover that frequency, you'd better get out your checkbook.

6. If you really want to play it safe, get one that is invisible to devices that seek them out. The Escort Passport 9500ix does this, in addition to covering all U.S. radar and laser bands.

7. That said, you don't need to cough up 500 dollars for a good detector. Most these days are invisible to VG-2 devices that can seek them out. These can be typically be found for under 150 dollars.

8. You'll also want something with different modes to increase or decrease sensitivity. When driving on the highway, you'll want yours to be more sensitive because you're traveling faster; plus, outside cities there will be fewer signals that might cause false alerts.

9. Remember, no radar detector is foolproof, and the only way to guarantee no speeding ticket is to not speed. False positives occur and a clever hiding place can conceal a speed trap.

10. For POP detection, those radars that turn on and off in an instant but can still clock your speed, you need to spend a little more. However, there is some debate on whether this is necessary, because POP detection produces just a speed estimate, and oftentimes tickets cannot be written based on their readings.

Customer Feedback

"I received my radar 9500i and this is my first radar detector and I just fell in love with it. I love the features especially the speed alert. I always wanted a radar detector especially when I drive to Vegas and Phoenix. My friend just bought one like 3 days ago also the 9500i. I just wanted to say thank you for your great product and helpful videos and I will be a returning customer."

-Jerry, Dallas, TX

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