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Whistler PRO-78SE Radar / Laser Detector
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Whistler PRO-78SE Radar / Laser Detector

Item# WSL009
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What's Included?

Radar detector, Windshield mount, Direct wire kit, Dash pad, Power cord


Increase your confidence on the road with the Whistler PRO-78SE Radar / Laser Detector. Loaded with advanced features to increase your safety and protect you against speed traps, this detector has all the latest in technology on its side, from safety alerts that let you know upcoming road conditions, to enhanced Ka Max filtering to catch even the stealthiest of radar signals. Designed for easy mounting on your windshield, this sleek unit features a distinct blue text display and low-profile design that's easy to use as well as convenient.

Advanced Features of the Whistler PRO-78

POP mode radar detection with twin alert low-profile periscopes
POP mode is a form of police radar gun developed several years ago in an attempt to offer radar that would defeat detectors. The transmissions from POP mode radar are much faster than those from typical radars, and are emitted in short bursts rather than long signals like those from typical radar. The PRO-78 can detect even the quick signals of POP mode radar in your area, and alert you in plenty of time. Flashing LEDs on the twin low-profile periscopes give you a visual warning, but can be turned off if you choose.

Selectable Real Voice alerts
Real Voice alerts give you an audio vocal alert in addition to the simple band ID tones. The unit will say "X band" if an X-band signal is detected. This allows the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road and eliminates possible confusion caused by the use of tones to identify various signals. The Voice Alert is selectable. It also vocalizes safety warning messages and feature selections.

3 city modes and 1 highway mode
City mode helps reduce the interference and confusion that can be caused by things like automatic door openers, burglar alarm alerts, and other things that can cause your detector to react. While in city mode, the detector will provide an initial alert when signals are detected, and then remain quiet unless the signal strength increases. When and if the signal does increase, the unit will alert you again to notify you. This helps "weed out" other types of signals. In highway mode, the PRO-78 provides full audio and visual warning of all laser and radar signals and maintains full sensitivity at all times. Highway mode is the set default.

Intellicord ready
This unit can accept the Intellicord (sold separately), which is a power cord that lets you remotely control your detector's settings.

Quiet and Auto Quiet modes
Quiet Mode cancels audio during an alert for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, two beeps are provided on any new alert, and then the unit will remain quiet after that. Auto Quiet reduces the audio to level 1 approximately five seconds after a signal is detected.

Radar Frequencies:

  • 10.500 - 10.550 GHz (X band)
  • 24.050 - 24.250 GHz (K band)
  • 33.400 - 36.000 GHz (Ka Superwideband)


Additional Specifications

  • Improved Ka Band sensitivity
  • Stay Alert setting asks you to push buttons in response to beeps to prove driver alertness
  • 3 filter modes provide extra filtering
  • Dim and dark modes for day or nighttime driving
  • Vehicle battery saver option with selectable times for shut-off
  • Safety Warning system keeps you informed of highway safety conditions by alerting you to ambulances, non-moving vehicles, and other road hazards
  • High-gain lens for increased field of view
  • Blue text display
  • Selectable tone alerts
  • Twin alert periscopes flash as well as give an audio warning (and can be turned off)
  • Windshield mounting bracket, hardware kit, dash pad, and power cord included
  • Measures 4.92L x 3.15W x 1.36H inches; weighs 6.5 ounces
  • Sleek black body color
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty included
  • Laser wavelength: 905 +/- 10 nanometers
  • Operating temperature range of -10 C to +70 C (14F to 158 F)
  • Power requirements: operational 12 to 15 volts DC, 250mA nominal
  • Vehicle battery saver operates at 30mA nominal
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty included
  • Laser wavelength: 905 +/- 10 nanometers
  • Operating temperature range of -10 C to +70 C (14F to 158 F)
  • Power requirements: operational 12 to 15 volts DC, 250mA nominal
  • Vehicle battery saver operates at 30mA nominal


Dimensions & Specifications


4.92L x 3.15W x 1.36H inches


6.5 oz.


POP Radar Detection , Safety Warning System , Text Display , Voice Alert





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