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Review: Best Radar Detectors 2017

Which are the BEST radar detectors of 2019 for you to avoid getting a speeding ticket?

During this 7-minute video you will discover the five most important features you should consider when selecting the best radar detector for your personalized driving habits and your budget from the following list of the radar detectors currently available from RadarBusters for 2019. RadarBusters offers only quality radar detectors and we provide the best pre and post sales support in the business!

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Whistler CR97 Review Whistler Hardwire Kit Whistler Intellicord
Whistler CR97
List Price: $299.95
Whistler CR97 Price:

Uniden R3 Uniden R7 Front View Uniden Hardwire Kit with Mute Button
Uniden R3
List Price: $429.99
Price: $399.99

Uniden R7 Radar Detector
List Price: $649.99

Price: $599.99

Save $50 at $599.99

Uniden Hardwire Kit w/Mute button
Price: $32.99
Sale Price: $32.99

Uniden Cigarette Adapter With Mute / USB Uniden Single Cup Articulating Radar Detector Mount Uniden Two Suction Cup Radar Detector Mount
Escort Redline EX Review Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Review Escort Max 360c Radar Detector & Escort M1 Dashcam Bundle
Escort Redline EX
Price: $599.95

Escort Max 360c
List Price: $699.95
Escort Max 360c Price: $649.95

Escort Max 360c Escort M1 Bundle
List Price: $899.95
Bundled Price: $849.95
Escort Redline EX Radar Detector & Escort M1 Dashcam Bundle Escort Escort iXc Radar Detector & Escort M1 Dashcam Bundle Uniden R1 Radar Detector
Escort Redline EX Escort M1 Bundle
List Price: $849.95
Bundled Price: $799.95
Sale Price: $789.95
Escort iXc Escort M1 Bundle
List Price: $699.95
Bundled Price: $649.95
Sale Price: $639.95
Uniden R1
List Price: $329.99
Price: $299.99
Sale Price: $299.99

Radenso Pro M (RPME) Radar Detector Radenso XP Review Radenso SP Review
Radenso Pro M
Radenso Pro M Price:

Radenso XP
Radenso XP Price:

Radenso SP
Radenso SP Price:

Escort X80 Escort Solo S4 Cordless Adaptiv TPX
Escort X80
Escort X80 Price:

Escort Solo S4 Cordless
List Price $299.99
Escort Solo S4 Price:
Sale Price $284.95

Adaptiv TPX 2.0 Motorcycle
Adaptiv TPX Price:

Adaptiv TPX Pro Escort Max Ci 360 Custom Installed Escort Max Ci Customer Installed
Adaptiv TPX Pro Motorcycle
Adaptiv TPX Price:

Escort Max Ci 360 Custom-Installed
Escort Max Ci 360 Price:
Escort Max Ci Custom-Installed
Escort Max Ci Price:
Cobra DSP 9200 BT Cobra RAD 450 Escort iXc Radar Detector
Cobra DSP 9200 BT
Price: $299.00

Cobra RAD 450
List Price: $169.95
Cobra RAD 450 Sale Price $149.95
Escort iXc
List Price: $499.95
Escort iXc Price: $449.95
Escort M1 Dash Cam TPX Wireless Headset TPX Motorcycle Detector Car Kit
Escort M1
Escort M1 Price: $199.95
TPX Car Kit
Price: $29.00
TPX Motorcycle Bluetooth Transmitter
TPX Bluetooth Transmitter
Price: $55.00


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any reviews on the Valentine One? – Yes we have several reviews of the Valentine One. Our most popular is our comparison of the Passport Max and the Valentine One which also includes Car and Driver Magazine’s comments about these two models.

Does Consumer Reports have any reviews of detectors? – No, we're not aware of any such reviews done by Consumer Reports.

Do you have any motorcycle detector reviews? – Yes, click here for our motorcycle detector help guides.

How do you rate? We rate them by using star ratings. 5-star models are the very best and 1-star models are the worst.

Do you have any customer reviews of your detectors?
Yes, once you find a detector that you’re interested in, just scroll down to the bottom of the page to read our consumer reviews of our detectors.

About RadarBusters

Radar RoyRadarBusters, one of the longest operating and most experienced countermeasure dedicated company in the industry. We are not a big box electronics store that offers everything under the sun. You will find no other company that offers the same level of pre- and post-sales expertise, than us.

Unlike the other review websites out there, RadarBusters was founded by Radar Roy, a retired cop and certified traffic radar instructor with over 40 years of experience. Luxury Automotive was so impressed with Roy’s high standards and qualifications that they dubbed him the “General Schwarzkopf" of the countermeasure industry.

To learn more about Roy, read our reviews, or to download our free eBook click here.

Return Policy

Dash Mounted Detectors, Accessories, Mounting Systems: These products come with our 30-day money back guarantee provided that they are returned in a resalable condition. This requires that all parts, accessories, warranty cards and all original packaging are returned. Refunds do not include any shipping costs. Products returned that do not include the original outer packaging will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Installed Products: Any detector/laser jammer product that requires installation is exempt from our 30-day return policy if the product is removed from the packaging and/or if the buyer installs and/or attempts to install the product on a vehicle it becomes a nonreturnable product.

This exception includes all jammers, installed detectors, and the Veil Stealth Coating.