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Escort Max 360, Blinder HP-905 Dual, Veil G5.6 Bundle

Escort Max 360, Blinder HP-905, Veil G5.6 Bundle


Escort Max 360, Blinder HP-905 Dual, Veil G5.6 Bundle

Bundle Includes:
  • Escort Max 360 Radar Detector
  • Blinder HP-905 Dual Compact
  • Veil G5.6 Stealth Coating
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List Price: $1,347.85
Bundled Price: $1,169.95
Sale Price: $1,169.95


Product Code: MAX-360-BLINDER-DUAL-VEIL-G5


Escort Max 360 Review

The Escort Max 360 is Escort's first windshield-mount radar detector that has the brains to filter out the collision avoidance sensors coupled with directional arrows for full 360-degree situational awareness. – Radar Roy 2015

The two biggest challenges facing radar detector users today is trying to determine if the alert is real and if it is, where is the cop hiding.

Because of this Escort has developed a completely new radar detector, the Escort Max 360.

Escort Max 360 Review Summary

The main benefits of the Escort Max 360 Radar Detector are:

  • Improved radar and laser detection performance
  • Programmed with Escort’s new collision avoidance sensor rejection digital signal processing algorithm (DSP), enabling it to block most false alerts caused by vehicle guidance systems
  • Dual front and rear feed horns for ultimate 360 degree protection
  • Improved FULLY DIGITAL (DSP) Digital Signal Processing enabling the Max 360 to alert to radar quicker and faster then any other radar detector
  • Improved responsiveness to short duration I/O police radar.
  • High definition OLED display with colored arrows pointing to the front, rear and both sides, to pinpoint the exact direction of the threat
  • Improved metering display modes
  • GPS equipped – Fixed photo enforcement database, speed traps database, false alert filtering, false alert filtering, auto-sensivity
  • Built-in Smart Bluetooth for compatibility with Escort Live!
  • NOW Includes Escort's USB Smart Cord power adapter for powering your smartphone ($34.95 value).
  • Online firmware and database updates
  • Clear digital voice alerts in English and Spanish
  • Largest windshield-mount radar detector
  • Display can be hard to read in bright daylight sun
  • The Escort Max 360 is the world's most sophisticated windshield-mount radar detector

Veil and Laser Shield Combo PackDouble Your Protection with the Blinder HP-905 Compact Dual Laser Jammer

9 Reasons You Should Consider the Blinder HP-905

  1. Radar Roy's #1 Pick: Because of the compact size of the Blinder HP-905 Compact Dual transceivers making it the easiest laser jammer to install and because of it's performance demonstrated in this head to head test against the Laser Interceptor, the Blinder HP-905 is Radar Roy's top pick in the laser jammer category.
  2. Firmware Downloads: Get your firmware and technology updates online keeping your Blinder updated with all the new police laser guns.
  3. Programmable Auto Shutdown: Enables you to program your Blinder to automatically shut down seconds after activation. This allows you ample time to slow down, reducing the suspicions that you are actively jamming the police laser gun.
  4. Three Modes of Operation: Parking Mode (legal everywhere), Laser Detection (legal 49 states), to full Laser Jamming.
  5. Voice Prompts and Alerts: When activated your Blinder system will alert you via its 92 Db speaker with voice prompts advising you of the type of alert and applicable warning message.
  6. Laser Diode Based: Up to ten times more powerful then those cheaper LED based systems that are imported from China.
  7. Easy Stealth Installation: Because the Blinder heads are half the size of the Escort Laser ShifterPro and Laser Interceptor system the Blinder is much easier to install and makes for a much stealthier install.
  8. Two Year Warranty: Unlike it's competitors who offer a 1-year warranty, Blinder offers a full 2-year warranty so you effectively you get one extra year of protection!
  9. Comes with Everything You Need: Your Blinder HP-905 will arrive at your doorstep with everything you need, including control module with internal 92 Db speaker, Four way remote switch, Stealth wiring kit, USB firmware update cable, Install parts and ultra compact laser transceivers.

Veil and Laser Shield Combo PackTriple Your Protection with the Veil Stealth Coating

The Escort Max 360 provides very good laser detection warning and the Blinder does a fine job of laser jamming, however to increase your chances of avoiding police laser tickets even more so, your best bet is to include the Veil G5.6 stealth coating to get the best defense-in-depth protection available today.

We are now offering a bundled deal where you can purchase, for a limited time, all three products at a huge savings!

VEiL G5.6 Anti-Laser Stealth Coating
Veil G5.6 Price: $97.95

Laser Veil G5.6 Stealth Coating

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