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Laser Jammer Tests and Reviews

Do you want peace of mind knowing you have 100% protection against police laser enforcement?

In many instances radar detectors, when used alone, don't provide adequate protection from police laser enforcement.

Laser Jammer Test Review


First, the light beam that is emitted from a police laser gun is only 18” at 500 feet and the typical aiming point by the officer is either your headlight or your front plate. Therefore, unless your radar detector is within this 18” radius of the beam it may never alert.

Second, police laser is always used in an instant-on fashion, so it's harder to detect and when it does, chances are that it's too late: the officer has likely already captured your speed.

As a result of this, the only way to have 100% protection against this type of enforcement is to use a laser jammer and/or the Veil anti-laser stealth coating.

How Laser Jammers Work

To jam a police laser gun, the jammer must first detect the light beam from the officers laser gun, normally on the 904 nm wavelength.

Once it does, a high quality laser jammer will then decode the pulse rate of the gun through its software and then transmit the same pulse and frequency rate back toward the police laser gun, jamming it.

The Veil Stealth Coating, works on a different (and complementary) principle. It works be absorption, reducing laser reflectivity and is unaffected by the sophisticated variable-pulse police lasers.

Laser Jamming Driving Strategy

We never advise anyone to jam to gun, meaning that you would keep your laser jammer activated as you pass the officer, as this would certainly make the officer suspect that you have a jammer.

Instead, I would recommend that the moment your jammer activates you check your speed, slow down if needed, and then shut it off so the officer can capture your speed.

Another strategy is to auto program your laser jammer so that it shuts off automatically after 4-seconds after activation, giving you ample time to slow down in most speed trap encounters.

Laser Jammer Tests and Reviews

We recently tested the top-performing laser jammer available in North America, a dual-head TMG Alpha-15 along with the Veil Stealth Coating against the latest fifth generation police lasers from DragonEye, Stalker, LTI, and Kustom Signals. Since this test, TMG has released a new laser head which further increases its performance against the latest variable pulse-rate lasers, the Dragon Compact and the Stalker XLR/RLR.

Below is the video of this comprehensive test that includes viewpoints from both the driver of the target vehicle and from the police laser.

Laser Jammer and Veil Stealth Coating Shootout

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