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VEiL G5 Anti-Laser Stealth Coating
Laser Veil G5 Stealth Coating


  • Veil G5 Stealth Coating transforms your radar detector from a ticket notifier into a ticket preventer.
  • Coating is applied to your front license plate, headlights and other reflective areas of your car/truck.

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VEiL G5 Stealth Coating Review

New & Improved VEiL G5.5 Now Shipping!

Imagine having a stealth coating that you could apply to your car that will make it invisible to police lidar guns.

Yesterday there were over 112,000 speeding tickets issued in the US and in over 25,000 of these encounters the officer used a police lidar gun.

Now a radar detector by itself is completely useless in protecting you in these types of ambushes and here is why.

The light beam that is transmitted by the officer’s laser gun is only 18” wide and the officer aiming point is either your headlight and/or front license plate.

However, as the officer is attempting to target your car with the beam of his laser gun your detector will be able to alert to laser splatter.

However by the time it takes you to react it’s too late, the officer has already captured your speed and the only purpose your detector served you is as ticket notifier.

Because of this you need a product that will reduce the reflectivity of your car, buying back the valuable time you need to safely slow down when your detector alerts to laser speed traps.

And here is where the VEiL G5 Stealth Coating comes in.

VEiL G5 is a finish that you apply to your license plate(s), headlights, and taillights and to the other parts of your car that reflect back laser.

Once applied VEiL G5 refracts and absorbs the light beam of the officer’s gun instead of reflecting it back to the officer’s radar gun.

Veil G5 Stealth Coating Review

Veil G5 Blocks iR Cameras Too!

Another bonus of VEiL G5 is that it also blocks the iR photo cameras from being able to photograph your license plate.

This affords you privacy from the newer photo radar, red light and toll cameras as well as private security cameras.
The VEiL stealth coating is just like a clear paint finish that comes packaged in a 5.5 oz. screw top plastic can

VEiL G5 Stealth Coating

The VEiL G5 stealth coating is just like a clear paint finish that comes packaged in a 5.5 oz. screw top plastic can.

This is enough VEiL G5 to do three full applications and comes packaged with two sponge applicator brushes.

A typical application lasts up to 8 to 12 months.Veil is the first and only truly effective passive laser counter measure device that reduces the reflectiveness of license plate, headlamps and other areas of your vehicle. Veil is a laser absorbent film that will reduce your visual signature by reducing near infrared laser light reflections. The treated areas will appear black to the police laser gun.

Water Soluble Acrylic Base

VEiL G5 is a water-soluble finish that is non-flammable and safe to handle and dries in minutes.

And once dried VEiL G5 becomes a smoke gray finish which keeps your license plate(s) clearly visible to the naked eye, but invisible to iR cameras and cuts down the reflection rate of your plate, headlights and other areas applied as much as 70%.

VEiL G5 is car wash safe.

And all it takes to remove VEiL is a solution of water and vinegar.

Easy Application

You apply VEiL just like you would any other paint finish using a brush and any over application spill can be removed with a damp towel.

A typical application takes less then 10 minutes.

Protects Your Headlights to From Harmful UV Rays

Another benefit of VEiL G5 is that it also protects your headlights from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

This prevents your expensive headlights from becoming discolored saving you the time and money by having them replaced.

Legal Issues

Unlike those plastic plate covers, which are outlawed in some areas, there are no known laws and/or issues that would prevent you from applying the VEiL coating to your car.

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