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Single Laser Shield & Veil G5.6 Combo
The Laser Shield

The Laser Shield - Anti Laser License Plate Cover

Foil police lidar with the Laser Shield anti-laser license plate cover from OnTrack

Laser Shield North American Plate Sizes: $19.95
Laser Shield and Veil Stealth Coating Combo Pack: $107.95

(For Custom Sizes Please Contact Us Using Our Contact Us Page for Pricing)

Price: $112.90

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The Laser Shield License Plate Cover & Veil Combo

Did you know that you’re radar detector, when used alone, is completely worthless at protecting you against police laser speed traps?

Laser ShieldThe light beam of a police lidar gun is only 18” wide at 500 feet and the officers aiming point are the most reflective areas of your car, which are typically your front license plate and/or your headlights.

Because of this when your radar detector alerts you that you’re the target of a police officers laser gun, it’s too late, the officer has already captured your speed.

Now the preferred device to foil this type of enforcement is using a laser jammer, such as the Blinder HP-905 or the Escort LaserShifter Pro.

However use of these types of devices can be an expensive investment, are illegal in many states, and are not entirely effective against the laser police lasers..

However there is a passive and more cost effective solution to this problem.

The Laser Shield

The Laser Shield developed by OnTrack is a plastic license plate cover that you place over your front license plate that is able to diffuse the incoming light beam from a police laser gun.

The result is that you now have extra time to slow down as your detector alerts.

Benefits of The Laser Shield

• Provides you extra time to slow down in laser ambushes
• Does not obstruct view of your license plate numbers
• 1 year warranty

Veil and Laser Shield Combo PackDouble Your Protection with the Veil Stealth Coating

The Laser Shield is an effective product to diffuse laser from your front plate, however it will not provide protection to your headlights.

Thus if you wanted to have complete passive solution you would want to add a coating of Veil to your headlamps.

Because of this we offer you a bundle deal where you can purchase both products at a savings of $5.00 by using the drop down option under above the buy button.

Use of this product by the buyer constitutes an agreement for the following. Buyer is responsible for checking local codes before installing this product on a vehicle. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in the area of vehicle use. ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp., its distributors, dealers, and affiliates will not be held liable for use of the product, and do not guarantee effectiveness of the product. Drive defensively. ON TRACK does not endorse speeding.

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