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Uniden R1, Veil G5.6 Bundle

Uniden R1 Veil G5.6 Bundle

Uniden R1, Veil G5.6 Bundle


  • Uniden R1
  • Veil G5.6 Stealth Coating
30 day Return Policy
List Price: $427.90
Bundled Price: $387.90
Sale Price: $387.90


Product Code: UNIDEN-R1-VEIL-G5

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Uniden R1 & Veil G5 Review

The all new Uniden R1 is one of the highest performing radar detectors we have ever tested at any price.

Uniden R1 Review Summary

The main benefits of the Uniden R1 radar detector are:

  • The Uniden R1 (along with the Uniden R3) is the best detector we've ever driven with regardless of price
  • Uniden provides advanced digital signal processing (DSP)
  • The Uniden R1 has extreme radar sensitivity
  • Updatable via USB connection to PC
  • Uniden offers the brightest and most readable full color OLED display available
  • K false filter
  • KA false filter
  • Ka Narrow/Wide
  • Spectre Elite undetectable
  • No GPS functionality (Uniden R1 vs Uniden R3)
  • Unique to Uniden, two different suction cup style mounting brackets included
  • Cigarette adapter with MUTE KEY and USB JACK
  • Carrying case

Veil and Laser Shield Combo PackDouble Your Protection with the Veil G5 Stealth Coating

The Uniden R1 provides good laser detection warning, however to increase your chances of avoiding police laser tickets, your best bet is to pair your detector with the Veil G5.6 stealth coating.

We are now offering a bundled deal where you can purchase, for a limited time, both products at big savings.

Accessories & SPECIALS
VEiL G5.6 Anti-Laser Stealth Coating
Veil G5.6 Price: $97.95

Laser Veil G5.6 Stealth Coating

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