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Page 9 - New Radar/Laser Technology

Emerging Devices for the law enforcement community

As a retired member of the law enforcement community, Radar Roy has the opportunity to attend the various trade shows targeting the law enforcement community. He gets to see all the latest gadgets that are becoming available to the law enforcement community.

Our sources have indicated that Kustom radar have discontinued their plans on development of a new Ku band radar gun. Therefore it now doubtful that the Ku threat will ever emerge in the US

Emerging Devices for the counter speed measurement community

GPS Enabled Radar Detector
Escort has developed two new GPS-enabled radar detectors for 2008 - the 9500 and the 9500 ci.

NavAlert has developed the first safety camera warning system for the USA and Canada in late 2006.

Look for announcements of a new GPS based radar detector at the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas on January 8th.

Spectre Proof Radar Detectors
Escort and Beltronics have both developed radar detectors that can detect all radar detector detector devices (RDD). They are:

  • Bel STI
  • Bel STI-R
  • Escort 9500 ci

In January of 2006, Beltronics released their new Spectre proof radar detector, the Bel STi Driver.

New Laser Jammer(s)

Radar Roy has tested the new Escort 2R4 adn the new Blinder M25/M-45 laser jammers, both introducted in the spring of 2008.

Radar Roy has been sent two laser jammers that are under development overseas in late summer of 2005.

Both units when tested had no effect in jamming any of Radar Roy's vast array of laser guns and he has sent both units back to the manufacturers with recommendations.


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