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Anti-Photo Enforcement Camera Products

It's not just photo radar and red light cameras snapping your photo and invading your privacy anymore...

Photo Enforcement CamerasBig brother is everywhere. Today, both private corporations and government agencies are using automatic number plate recognition systems to identify and track your every move.

Here are some examples of these types of cameras:

Speed Enforcement and Red Light Cameras: These cameras have become the “cash cow” for many municipalities. As an example, the city of Denver issued 56,274 citations in 2013 with the help of these cameras, generating over 7-million dollars!

The most effective way to fight back against the fix photo radar and red light cameras is to purchase a GPS based radar detector that is programed with these camera locations.

However, many states and municipalities use mobile photo radar vans which routinely move from place to place. Thus, the fixed photo enforcement databases are useless if you encounter this type of enforcement.

Toll Booth Cameras: These cameras will snap a photo of you and your car if you fail to pay your toll, or if your toll transponder is not working correctly.

Parking Cameras: These cameras are installed in private and public parking lots.

Smog Dog Cameras: Vehicle exhaust measurement device and camera.

Stop Sign Cameras: Installed at stop signs.

HOV Cameras: Used to identify vehicles violating occupancy requirements.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras: Used at both fixed locations and even on moving enforcement vehicles. These automatically identify the registration information of your vehicle.

Win Back Your Privacy and Block The Cameras!

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Escort Passport Max Radar Detector The Super Protector Passport Max2 Radar Detector
Passport Max Radar Detector
Retail Price: $549.95

Passport Max2 Radar Detector
Retail Price: $599.95

The Second Best Radar Detector Radar Roy has ever tested! (Does not include internal Bluetooth chip-set)
The Super Protector - Our Most Popular photo radar and red light camera plate cover.
The Passport Max2 is the #1 rated windshield mounted radar detector, includes internal Bluetooth chip-set to connect to Escort Live and 1-year FREE subscrption.
Toll Free Protector License Plate Cover The Original Protector – Anti Photo Radar Enforcement Protection The Overhead Protector – Overhead Surveillance Camera Protection
Toll Free Protector
Retail Price: $59.95

Toll Free Protector

Protects your privacy by keeping your plate(s) being photographed by toll cameras and more.
The Original Protector – Anti Photo Radar Enforcement Protection

Protects your privacy by keeping your plate(s) being photographed by photo radar and speed enforcment cameras.
The Overhead Protector – Anti Overhead Surveillance Camera Protection

Protects your privacy by keeping your plate(s) from being photographed by overhead cameras installed in parking lots and/or red light cameras
Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector Whistler CR90 Radar Detector
Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector
Retail Price: $449.95

Whistler CR90 GPS Radar Detector
Retail Price: $199.95

Radar Roy's Top Choice for the top dash mounted radar detector for the typical North American Driver!

Put an end of all those annoying false alerts and still enjoy long range sensistivity with the Escort 9500ix radar detector.
An affordable GPS equipped radar detector. Detects all police radar and laser bands used in North America and equipped with an internal GPS photo enforcement database.