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Radar Roy in the News

The following articles are from Radar Roy that have been featured and/or used by other news outlets.

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Primer

The Hulu Network and the Speed Channel interview Radar Roy during this 6-minute segment that aired on TV. During this video Roy shares with you the secrets of beating speeding tickets by using the proper technology to outwit the cops!!

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Primer

How to Run Under the Radar

Luxury Automotive Magazine dubbed Radar Roy the Stormin Norman of radar detectors in this article published in their magazine on how to beat tickets with radar detector and laser jammer.

How to Run Under the Radar

1,226,400 More Speeding Tickets in 2015

Why is Flo so Happy? - Because it's estimated that there will be over 1.2 more speeding tickets issued in 2015 then in 2014.

This equates to a 5 Billion Dollar Windfall for auto insurance companies!

Speeding Ticket Increase in 2015

Texting Radar Detectors?

Will a new device that alerts officers of texting drivers work?

A new company is developing a device to alert them of drivers who text and drive. Will it work?

Texting Radar Detectors

The Stealth Street Bike Challenge

Can Radar Roy stealth out a high performance sport motorcycle and beat law enforcement's attempts to electronically capture it?

The Stealth Street Bike Challenge

The Stealth Challenge - The Fireball Run

Radar Roy Stealths out a car for the Fireball coast to coast rally that successfully evades all of the speed traps along its journey.

Fireball Rally

Drivers Try an Anti-Photo Finish

Do the anti-photo radar products really work? In this in-depth report by Don Oldenburg of the Washington Post, he reviews the various anti-photo radar products and interviews Radar Roy for his take on these controversial products.

Washington Post

Police Hone in on Radar Detectors

Don Oldenburg of the Washington Post interviews Radar Roy regarding the stealth capabilities of radar detectors.

Washington Post

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