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Laser Jammer Product Reviews and Videos

Are you considering purchasing a police laser jammer for your car or truck? If you are check out these informative product reviews and videos from Radar Roy.

How Does a Police Laser Jammer Work?

Discover how a police laser gun and a police lidar guns work, along with a review of the top laser jammers.

How Laser Jammers Work

Laser Jammer Comparison Guide

Confused to which laser jammer is best for you? Then check out our laser jammer comparision guide.

Laser Jammer Comparison Guide

Latest Laser Jammer Test and Review

We recently conducted a field test of the new high-performance laser jammers from TMG and included a test of the Veil Stealth Coating, for good measure.

Laser Jammer Test

How to Avoid Laser Enforcement Speeding Tickets

During this 3 minute video you will learn about the new police laser guns that have built in GPS and video recorders which police use to clock your speed and then send you your citation in the mail

Laser Jammer

Can Your Laser Jammer Jam the Unjammable?

Radar Roy shares with you the newest technology being released by the police lidar gun manufactures, causing many of them to be dubbed the unjammable.

Dragon Eye Laser Gun

How to Install and Use Your Laser Jammer

In this video and article Radar Roy shares with you tips on installing your laser jammer and how to properly use one.

How to Install a Laser Jammer

How to Install a Laser Jammer in a Vette

In this article Radar Roy shares with you an article and photos of a Blinder Laser Jammer install on a Vette.

How to Install a Laser Jammer in a Vette

How to Install a Laser Jammer on a Motorcycle

During this 3-minute video you'll discover how easy it is to install a laser jammer on your motorcycle.

How to Install a Laser Jammer on a Motorcycle

How many laser jammer heads do I need?

In this article you'll discover how many laser jammer heads you would need to get 100% protection for your car or truck.

How many laser jammer heads

What is ENDRADD?

Did you get a citation with an ENRADD system? If so here is information about the system and how you can defeat it.


ALF Technology CS-56 Laser Jammer Review

Radar Roy reviews the ALF CS-56 wireless radar jammer

ALF Laser Jammer Review

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