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Radar Busters Help Guides Section

RadarBusters is considered a leading expert in speeding ticket avoidance tactics and products.

The following 5 sections contain articles from him to assist you in selecting the radar detector that is just right for you, laws regarding the use of a radar detector and even how to beat your ticket in court.

Radar Detector Help Guides & Detector & Jammer Rankings

Confused on which radar detector is best for you or need some tips on how to use it to its full potential?

If so these informative articles from RadarBusters will assist you.

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Help Guides

Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Shootout

From April 17th through the 19th, radar detector enthusiasts and manufactures converged in Surprise Arizona to test various radar detectors and laser jammers. Here is an overview of this test with the results.

2015 Radar Detector Shootout

Police Enforcement Tactics & Equipment by State

Confused on what type of speed enforcement tactics and/or equipment used in your area?

Break down of each state in the USA of type of equipment used and tactics.

Map of USA Radar and Laser Enforcement

Laser Jammer Help Guides

Are you considering adding a laser jammer to your arsenal to make your vehicle invisible to police lidar speed traps?

If so check out Radar Roy's product reviews and help guides.

Laser Jammer Review and Videos

Motorcycle Radar Detector and Jammer Guides

Discover how to select the best radar detector and how to accessorize it for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Radar Detector Guide

Radar Roy's Product Tests and Reviews

In this section Radar Roy shares with you his product testing and reviews of various radar detectors and jammers.

Radar Detector Testing and Reviews

How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket and How Beat Your Ticket in Court

Radar Roy shares some of his tips on what you should do if you're ever pulled over for speeding and how to beat your speeding ticket in court win!

How to Beat Your Speeding Ticket

Photo Enforcement Articles

Radar Roy shares tips on how you can avoid getting ticketed by automated photo enforcement cameras

Photo Radar - How to Beat it

Radar Roy in the News

Radar Roy has been featured on the Speed Channel, MSNBC, the Fox Network, CBS Good Morning and more!

Here is a collection of some of these articles and videos.

Radar Roy in the news

Radar Roy Rants

Prior to Radar Roy's retirement from law enforcement in 1995, he was also certified by the Arizona Superior Court as being a certified defensive driving instructor. Here are some of his published articles regarding traffic safety and defensive driving tactics.

Radar Roy Driver Safety Articles

About Radar Busters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

To learn more about Roy, read our radar detector reviews, or download our free radar detector eBook click here.