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Why no one else compares with RadarBusters

Largest & Most Experienced Countermeasure Dealer - RadarBusters has been servicing the driving community for more than 20 years. We are the largest retailer dedicated to the service of your countermeasure needs. You won't find cameras, grills, appliances, or anything else not related to driving and driving countermeasures.

Expert Pre & Post Sales Support - Everyone of our support staff is knowledgeable of and we continuously strive to provide industry-leading pre and post-sales customer support.

Fully Authorized Dealer on Every Product we Sell - Every purchase you make here is fully warranted by the manufacturer. You will never find used, refurbished, or gray market products being offered as new.

Founded by a Retired Cop - Radar Roy accumulated 20 years of experience in traffic enforcement, retiring from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office at the rank of Lieutenant in 1995.

Certified Traffic Radar Instructor – Radar Roy was a certified traffic radar instructor and had trained hundreds of police officers in the proper operation of police radar and laser guns.

Expert Court Witness – Radar Roy testified in over 50 civil and criminal traffic cases, including Superior Court, providing sworn expert testimony on traffic enforcement and speed counter measurement devices.

Radar Roy TV19 Plus Years as a Speed Counter Measurement Expert – Radar Roy and his family launched this website way back in 1995 and has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you choose the best protection for their investment since.

TV News Investigative Reports – Radar Roy's provided consultation and/or been interviewed by countless national TV news networks including MSNBC, Extra, American Journal, FOX network, the Speed Channel and the UPN network. He has also been featured in a number of local TV news broadcasts.

Magazine Publications – RadarBusters' reviews have been featured in American Iron, Stealth Street Bike, Mustang Magazine and Luxury Exotics.

Radar Roy Laser Gun TestingArsenal of Testing Equipment - Luxury Exotics Magazine dubbed our organization the General Schwarzhopf of radar detectors because of the arsenal of testing equipment at our disposal and the extensive testing we've conducted.

Fireball Contestants - Radar Roy along with the Veil Guy finished in 8th place, ticket free, during the 2007 Fireball Rally, which is a coast-to-coast race similar to the Cannonball Run by using a host of equipment RadarBusters sells.

RadarBusters' V.I.P Club – We formed a V.I.P. Club to ensure that you will get promotional pricing on your speed counter measurement equipment. Also, as a free gift to you for signing up, you will get immediate access to our acclaimed Radar Detectors Buyers Guide. Mustang Magazine cited this eBook as one of the most comprehensive guides offered anywhere on the Internet on how to beat tickets and choose the radar detector that fits your unique needs best.

Authorized Dealer - RadarBusters is an authorized dealer for all the products we sell. This means that you're assured that your purchase is 100% covered by the manufacturer's warranties and extended warranties.

If We Don't Use It Ourselves - We Will Not Sell it - You may notice that several manufacturer's products are NOT sold on RadarBusters. This is because of RadarBusters' pledge "If we cannot depend upon it enough to use it ourselves, we will NOT sell it".

Family Owned and Operated – Although Roy passed away in 2016, his family continues on with the tradition of excellence for which RadarBusters has become known.

Safe and Secure Ordering - Our shopping cart and checkout process is level 1 PCI compliant, the highest in the industry. This means that all your personal information is completely safe. Order with confidence.

Take The Next Step to Get Top Notch Radar and Laser Protection!

By becoming a member of RadarBusters' Exclusive V.I.P. Club you will get instant savings and access to his acclaimed radar detector buyers guide as our free gift for signing up!