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Radar Detector Trade Up Program

“Instead of trading in your old radar detector consider trading up, which will save you time and money”

Several companies offer you a trade in program for your old radar detector. However by the time and money you spend getting your discount, you’re actually losing money.

First you have to order your detector on their website and pay the full retail price.

Then you need to download their form, fill it out, and pay postage to ship it back to them.

Then when they finally receive your detector you can expect to wait an additional 10 business days for them to process your credit.

Is all this time and added expense worth a $40 to $125 credit for a detector that is actually still worth $150 or more?

Steps Their Trade In Program
Radar Roy's Trade Up Program
Purchase Product
Pay FULL Retail Price
Savings at Time of Purchase
Download PDF Form
After Purchase Download a Form
Not Needed
Invoice from Old Detector
Find and Then Attach Invoice
From Old Detector to Form
Not Needed
Package Old Detector
Find a Box and Package
Your Old Detector for Shipping
Not Needed
Ship Old Detector
Go to Post Office and Pay Shipping

Not Needed
Time Qualification
Required to Ship Back Old
Detector Within 30 Days
Not Needed
Wait Time for Rebate
10 Business Days After They
Receive Your Detector
Your Financial Loss
Shipping Costs ($10 - $15)
Your Loss of Time
30+ Minutes to Go Through
THEIR Process
5 Seconds to Enter Your
e Mail Address in Form
Your Final Savings
$30 to $120
More then this depending on detector
Your Old Detector
Radar Detector Graveyard
You Sell it for What It's Really
Worth or Pass it On to Friend
or Family Member
Your Satisfaction
Frustration and Why Only Small
Percentage of People Actually
Follow Through With This Costly
and Time Consuming Process
Instant Gratification and Your
Friend/Family Member You
Gave Your Detector Likes It Too!

A few seconds after you submit Roy's form you’ll be emailed your own personal discount code and as our free gift, access to Radar Roy’s acclaimed Radar Detector Buyers Guide.

And the best part? - You get to keep your detector, which you can pass on to a friend or family member or even sell.

About Radar Busters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

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