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Radar Roy's Product Tests and Reviews

Are you considering purchasing a radar detector and/or a jammer?

If so these informative product testing and review articles published by Radar Roy will assist you in selecting the product that is just right for you.

Radar Detector Testing and Review Overview

Radar Roy explains why he does his testing differently than his competitors and his 5 star radar detector testing methodology.

Radar Detector Testing and Reviews

Passport Max 360 Testing Videos

Witness first hand the performance of the new Passport Max 360 during testing of various K and K-band radar guns.

Passport Max 360 Radar Detector Test

Instant On Ka-Band Radar Detector Test

Test of the Cobra DSP 9200, the Radenso Pro, Escort Redline and Passport Max2 with instant on K and Ka-band radar.

Instant On Radar Test

Instant On Ka-Band Radar Detector Review

If you plan on using your radar detector on the open road, you will want to watch this 4-minute video test and review explaining instant on radar and the best radar detectors that will beat it.

Instant On Radar Test

Constant On K-Band Radar Detector Review

During this video you'll witness first hand the effectiveness of four radar detectors against a constant on K-band radar gun, the Passport Max2, the Escort REDLiNE, the Passport and the Uniden LRD950.

Constant on K-Band

Passport Max360 vs the Valentine One

Radar Roy compares the features and benefits of the Passport Max 360 against the Valentine One radar detector. (Coming Soon)

Passport Max360 vs Valentine One

Escort vs. the Valentine One

Which company makes the best detector?

Before you do decide, check out this review by Radar Roy.

Escort vs Valentine One

Review of the Valentine One Radar Detector

Are you considering purchasing a Valentine One Radar Detector?

Before you do check out this review by Radar Roy.

Review of the Valentine One Radar Detector

Review of the Stinger Radar and Laser Defense System

The Stinger is considered the worlds most expensive radar and laser defense system ever made. Is it worth it? Find out in this review by Radar Roy.

Review of the Stinger Laser Jamming System

Radenso Pro Radar Detector Review

Radar Roy reviews the smallest high performance GPS enabled radar detector made today, the Radenso Pro.

Radenso Radar Detector Review

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Radar Detector Review

Radar Roy reviews the the new Cobra DSP 9200 BT and rates it as the best radar detector Cobra has ever made


Escort X70 Radar Detector Review

The Escort X70 is stripped down Escort Passport radar detector sold exclusively by Best Buy and Radar Roy reviews it here.

Escort X70 Radar Detector

Redenso HD+ Remote Mounted Detector Overview

Overview of the new Radenso HD+ remote mounted radar detector.

Radeso HD+ Remote Mounted Radar Detector

Concealed Radar Detector Review

Which concealed mounted radar detector is just right for you? Review of the top 4 remote mounted detectors.

Conceled Radar Detector

Rocky Mountain Radar Review

Discover why Radar Roy has been offering a $50,0000 reward to anyone that can prove to him that Rocky Mountain Radar's Scramblers really work!

Do those Rocky Mountain Radar Scramblers Really Work?

Review of the Ghost Radar Detector

Did you get scammed by the Ghost?

Discover why Radar Roy rated the Radar Shield Technologies Ghost radar detector as being the second worst radar detector he had ever tested.

Ghost Radar Detector Review

Review of the Super Stealth 9000 Radar Detector

Did you get scammed by the Super Stealth?

Discover why Radar Roy rated the Radar Shield Technologies Ghost radar detector as being the worst radar detector he had ever tested.

Super Stealth 9000

Uniden Radar Detector Review

Sources say that Uniden unveiled two new radar detectors at the 2015 CES show in Vegas. With 2-strikes against them in the 9th inning will they strike out or get on base?

Uniden Radar Detectors

Active Radar Jammer Review

Are you considering purchasing an active radar jammer? If you are don't until you read Radar Roy's review of the risks associated with these devices.

Active Radar Jammer Review

Review of the Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector

There are tons of old RX65's being sold on Amazon and eBay, is the low price worth it?

Review of the Bel RX65 radar detector

Escort 8500x50 - R.I.P. My Friend

Today Escort announced that they have phased out their Escort 8500x50, replacing it with their new Passport radar detector. Good bye my old friend...

Escort 8500x50 RIP

Laser Jammer Test and Review

A review of the performance capabilities of the various laser jammers from Radar Roy's 2014 laser jammer test.

In this review, Radar Roy shares with you the results from his test of Escort's Laser ShifterPro and the Blinder HP-905.

Laser Jammer Test

Can Your Laser Jammer Jam the New Police Lidar Guns?

Radar Roy pits the new police lidar guns against the new laser jammers in this review.

Police Lidar Guns

Can the Spectre RDD Detect Your Radar Detector?

If you're a professional driver and/or drive in either Washington DC or Virginia where radar detectors are illegal, you will want to have a radar detector that is stealth like the Spectre RDD.

Spectre RDD

Speed Trap Avoidance App Review

Radar Roy reviews the various speed trap avoidance apps including WAZZ and Escort Live.

Smart Phone Speeding avoidance Apps

How to Run Under the Radar

Luxury Automotive Magazine dubbed Radar Roy the Stormin Norman of radar detectors in this article published in their magazine on how to beat tickets with radar detector and laser jammer.

How to Run Under the Radar

What is the SWS Feature in My Detector?

Radar Roy shares his feelings about the Safety Warning System and why you should disable this feature from your radar detector

Safety Alert System

The Stealth Street Bike Challenge

Can Radar Roy stealth out a high performance sport motorcycle and beat law enforcement's attempts to electronically capture it?

The Stealth Street Bike Challenge

The Stealth Challenge - The Fireball Run

Radar Roy Stealths out a car for the Fireball coast to coast rally that successfully evades all of the speed traps along its journey.

Fireball Rally

About Radar Busters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

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