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Types of Detectors

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Page 2 - Detector Types:

There are basically three different types of radar detectors, the traditional corded units, cordless (battery operated) units, and the concealed units. Which one should you choose?

Cordless Radar Detectors

Although you will be free of dangling cords, unless you absolutely need a cordless unit, DON'T buy one!

In order to conserve battery life, cordless radar detectors turn themselves off and on in milliseconds; this affects the radar detectors range and sensitivity. Also this phasing of power will not allow cordless radar detectors to receive the newer POP radar mode.

If you absolutely need a cordless then Radar Roy offers this option, buy the best cordless. The Solo 2 is rated the #1 cordless detector made today, offering much better range and sensitivity.

Corded Units

The most popular radar detectors are the corded ones designed to either be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter or into the fuse box and then mounted on the windshield using suction cups.

Corded units are normally your best bet for cost and functionality. They are easy to install, detect the newer POP radar, have the best range and have no batteries to replace.

Remote Mounted units

These are installed into the car with their antennas mounted under the hood or in the grill and the display module installed into the dash or under the dash. Customers with high end cars sometimes prefer these models as some, like the SR7 and Bel RX75 also include laser jamming capabilities. Also these types of radar detectors are very inconspicuous to the thief or police, where radar detectors are illegal, such as Virginia.

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