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How We Test

1 How We Test
2 Product Introduction
3 X-Band Testing
4 K-Band Testing
5 KA-Band Testing
6 Filtering
7 Laser Detector Testing
8 RDD Testing
9 POP Testing
10 Buyer Beware: passive radar jamming doesn't work!
11 Buyer Beware: active radar jamming can send you to jail!
12 Active Laser Jamming
13 Radar Roy's Badge Ratings
143 Radar Roy's Badge Ratings: Part 2
15 Radar Roy's Recommendations

Speed Measurement Laboratories
Annual Radar Detector Test
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Page 1 : How we test

As a certified radar detector instructor, I test all of the products that we sell on RadarBusters".

I also test many other radar detectors that we choose not to offer you.

Radar Roy
"We don't sell all radar detectors, we sell the best radar detectors."

- Radar Roy

I also participate with other research and development company events such as the Annual Radar Detector Shoot out held by Speed Measurement Laboratories held in El Paso.

There are several methods we use to test our products:

X-, K- and KA-Band Testing
These tests are standard in the industry, and have been used for over 25 years, Click here to discover how the radar detectors stacked up.

You don't want your radar detector going off every time neighbor uses his garage door opener. Click here to learn more about radar filtering.

Laser Testing
Click here to find out why the hardest type of traffic enforcement to guard against is the laser gun.

Buyer beware: passive radar doesn't work!
Click here to find out why passive radar doesn't work.

Buyer beware: active radar can send you to jail!
Click here to find out why active radar is illegal.

Radar Roy's Badge Recommendations
Radar Roy compares the results of all testing's and issues his official "Badge Ratings". Click here to see the latest conclusions.

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