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Dual Super Protector & Veil G6 Combo

The Super Protector & Veil G6 Combo Pack

The Super Protector - All in one photo radar and red light camera protection

Win back your privacy with the all in one Super Protector anti photo radar and red light camera cover from OnTrack.
Bundled Price: $184.95

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Block all photo enforcement cameras with one cover and get protection from infrared cameras and police laser!

Total Protection for vehicles registered in states requiring both front and rear plates.

Our most popular photo enforcement camera license plate cover is our Super Protector, as it provides protection from both overhead and side cameras all at one time.

Super ProtectorHow Does the Super Protector Work?

There are basically two ways that photo enforcement cameras are mounted:

Overhead Cameras: Red light cameras and many HOV and toll cameras are mounted at a high elevation looking down toward your vehicle.

Side Angle Cameras: Both fixed and mobile speed enforcement cameras are typically on the side of the roadway.

As a result of this, the Super Protector was developed with two separate lenses, each one blocking the respective angles of both the overhead and side angle cameras.

The result is an anti photo enforcement license plate cover that will block both these type of cameras while keeping your license plate completely visible from straight on.

Benefits of the Super Protector

  • Proven defense against all photo enforcement cameras including: photo radar, red light camera, HOV cameras, toll cameras and more.
  • Protects your privacy from unwanted photo enforcement, security and other types of cameras.
  • One year warranty

Veil and Laser Shield Combo PackIncrease Your Protection with the Veil Stealth Coating

The Super Protector is an effective product to foil photo enforcement cameras. With the addition of Veil, you will get increased protection from police laser as well as infrared cameras.

Thus if you wanted to have complete passive solution you would want to add a coating of Veil to your headlamps.

Because of this we offer you a bundle deal where you can purchase both products at a savings of $5.00.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Super Protector

Are these covers legal to use?

Several states including Colorado and Washington D.C. have laws prohibiting the use of any device that can defeat photo camera enforcement.

Use of this product by the buyer constitutes an agreement for the following. Buyer is responsible for checking local codes before installing this product on a vehicle. Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes in the area of vehicle use. ON TRACK Manufacturing Corp., its distributors, dealers, and affiliates will not be held liable for use of the product, and do not guarantee effectiveness of the product. Drive defensively. ON TRACK does not endorse speeding.

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