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Escort MaxCam 360c

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

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Power, Precision, Connectivity, 360 Degree Protection

Escort MAXcam 360c Review

The Escort MAXcam 360c's dual antennas provides full 360 degree protection with colored directional arrows along with the ability to filter out most of the false alerts caused by the Anti-Collision sensors installed in new cars today.

  • Latest Magnetic Sticky Cup Windshield Mount
  • Escort USB SmartCord (for an additional savings of $34.95!)
  • 16GB Memory Card (for video recordings)
  • Flexible Travel Case
  • FREE 1 Year Subscription to Escort Live!
  • FREE 3 Month Subscription to Defender Database

BUY Escort MAXcam 360c Radar Detector

Price: $849.95
Sale Price: $749.99


Product Code: ESCORT-MAXCAM-360C




The new ESCORT Maxcam 360c is the Escort's integrated dashcam and radar and laser detector designed for the connected car. With built-in Wi-Fi, the MAXcam 360c updates through the on-board Wi-Fi connection, alerting the driver to the latest ticket threats in real-time.

The Escort MAXcam 360c radar detector provides full 360 degree protection with colored directional arrows along with the advanced ability to filter out most of the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed on new cars today

The Escort MAXcam 360c is also a GPS enabled radar detector and rated as being both a city and highway detector like most GPS based radar detectors. We believe the MAXcam 360c is the overall best radar detector ever made as it provides extreme performance, superior filtering, and Escort's exceptional build-quality.


  • Extreme detection performance,
  • QHD (2560 x 1440p) @ 30 FPS resolution
  • Includes 16GB memory card
  • All-digital signal processing (DSP) for extreme long range radar detection performance
  • Exceptional at detecting instant-on police radar
  • Best anti-collision sensor rejection filtering in the industry
  • Escort Live! ready
  • GPS enabled
  • Builtin Bluetooth for wireless pairing to your smartphone
  • WIFI capable to directly communicate to the Internet
  • Bi-Lingual Voice Alerts - English & Spanish
  • Firmware and Photo Enforcement database are both user upgradeable


  • Escort's first dashcam and radar detector combo
  • Recent firmware updates make performance & filtering exceptional
  • Higher radar performance than the Escort Max 360c Mk II
  • Direct WIFI connectivity to Escort Live! and software updates
  • Escort's advanced quick-release magnetic mount found
  • K-band segmentation
  • Ka-band segmentation
  • New improved brighter OLED display

Longest Range Radar Detection

The Escort MAXcam 360c has significantly greater sensitivity than just about any other detector.

Better I/O Performance

The Escort MAXcam 360c offers the quickest detections due to its advanced DSP spread-spectrum processing responsiveness, meaning that you'll have the best chances at detecting instant-on police radar.

Collision Avoidance Sensor False Alert Filtering

The Escort MAXCam 360c offers the best-in-class filtering of K-band collision avoidance systems found in vehicles, ensuring that you have the quietest ride possible today.

GPS equipped

The Escort MAXcam 360c also has GPS, which enables it to:

  • Alert you to fixed photo enforcement cameras as you approach
  • Alert you to known speed trap location as you approach
  • Alert you to known aircraft enforcement zones
  • Automatically block out known false alert locations based upon the exact location and frequency
  • Automatically adjust the sensitivity of the detector based upon your speed
  • Enable you to mark your own speed trap locations and points of interest

Comes pre-loaded with Escort’s Defender Database, which is the most accurate photo enforcement database for North America, including new MultraRadar speed cameras.

This enables your Escort to alert you in advanced of fixed photo enforcement cameras and known speed trap locations as you approach.

And Escort's patented AutoLearn Technology enables your detector to block out known false alert locations by the exact frequency and location.

And updating the data on your detector online is a snap through the Escort Tools program available for both PC’s and Apple computers.

Escort Live! Equipped

The biggest breakthrough this decade in the speed counter measurement community is the ability to share historical and accurate real time data with other Escort drivers in the cloud.

The MAXcam 360c has an improved internal Bluetooth chip set, which enables it to connect to the Escort Live! community through your iPhone and/or Android smartphone very easily. The MAXcam 360c can also use its native WIFI ability to directly connect to the cloud via your in-vehicle hotspot (for those such equipped), bypassing the need for using bluetooth.

This enables your MAXcam 360c to:

  • Alert you of real time police spotted alerts
  • Alert you of real time radar and laser speed traps in your area
  • Alert you of historical speed trap locations including aircraft enforcement locations
  • Alert you of fixed photo enforcement camera locations
  • Enables you to program the advanced features of your detector through your smart phone

Your MAXcam 360c will include a free, 1-year subscription valued at $49 when purchased through our website.

High Definition Multi-Colored OLED Display

The MAXcam 360c has a programmable easy to read multicolored OLED display, which includes intuitive icons, to make it easy to identify threats.

Additional display features include:

  • 4 different display color settings: Blue, Red, Green and Amber
  • Cruise Alert – warning you when you’re exceeding the posted speed limit
  • Bar Graph – identifying the signal strength of the threat
  • Expert Meter – identifies up to 8 multiple alerts with signal strength at once
  • Spec Display – identifies the actual numeric frequency of the radar signal
  • 5 levels of brightness including full dark mode

Clear Audible Voice Alerts English/Spanish

The MAXcam 360c has easy to understand voice alerts, which warns you in either English or Spanish of approaching threats, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road and not on your detector.

Online Firmware and Database Updates

Updating your MAXcam 360c's firmware and Defender database is a snap directly through its WIFI connectivity to your WIFI hotspot

User Preferences Programming

You can access the advanced programming features of your MAXcam 360c either by pressing the buttons on your detector, or though your smartphone enabling you to adjust/program the:

  • Sensitivity – City, Highway, Auto, AutoNoX, AutoLoK
  • Language – Spanish/English
  • Color of OLED display
  • GPS speed display
  • Cruise alert speed settings
  • Overspeed setting
  • Display meter options
  • Audible tones
  • Automute – On/Off
  • AutoLearn – On/Off
  • Voice – On/Off
  • GPS – On/Off
  • Auto Power Settings
  • Radar/Laser Bands
  • Ka-band segmentation and RDR On/Off
  • Mark and/or Clear locations

Included Accessories

Your MAXcam 360c comes shipped with everything you need including:

  • Quick Attach/Detach Mount
  • 12 volt USB Smart Cord
  • Travel Case
  • Getting Started Guide instruction booklet

Additional Accessories

You can also accessorize your detector with these additional accessories

  • Basic Direct wire
  • SmartCord direct wire
  • Dash Mount
  • BlendMount mirror mount

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