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What is Escort Live?

You may remember the days of CB radio where other drivers were sharing real time “smoky” alerts with other drivers.

Well its kind of the same concept, but instead of having to listen to all that chatter on a CB radio you can tune in your favorite music on your device and let your Escort radar detector equipped with Escort Live take the worry out driving.

During this video series about Escort Live Radar Roy will be sharing with you an overview of the Escort Live Community, the different models, how to install it, how to use it and even how to program your radar detector with it for maximum efficiency.

(Transcript of video)

I consider Escort Live the biggest break through in the speed counter measurement community since the introduction of the first radar detector, the Fuzzbuster back in the 70’s.

Escort Live interfaces your smart phone and detector enabling you to share real time alerts with other Escort Live equipped Escort and Beltronics radar detectors.

So a question you maybe asking yourself is, how popular is it?

Well in July of 2014 Escort celebrated its 22 millionth save

And while on vacation this summer driving in some of the remote areas of the US like Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota I even received alerts from other users.

There are two different versions of Escort Live.

The first one is an external Bluetooth module that will interface with Escort and Beltronics Escort Live ready detectors; such as the REDLiNE, the 9500ix and the Beltronics Pro Series of detectors.

Then there are the detectors that already have the Bluetooth chipset already installed into them like the Passport and the Max2.

In this video series I will be using the Max2, however the setting the system up and using it is similar for all the detectors.

Now when you purchase either the Escort Live external module or one of the detectors that has the internal Bluetooth already built in, its very important to take note of the serial number imprinted on the box, because you will need it when you register.

Now just so you’re aware, Escort is a subscription-based service. You will get 1-free year of service when you buy your module or your Live Equipped detector from an authorized dealer.

However when that year is up if you want to continue your subscription, its 49 a year.

Now if by chance you purchased the Passport or Max2 radar detector and someone has already tossed the box, there is another way you can get it.

While powering on the detector hold down the MRK and MUTE buttons at the same time. This will display your both your serial number and the software version you have installed on your radar detector.

Registering Your Escort Live Product

The first step in the process is registering your Escort Live Product with Escort.

Go to Escort’s Website and scroll down all the way to the bottom, and click on the link that says Product Registration.

Next Click on the link that says “Click here to register a Passport Max2, Passport, Smartcord Live or a SmartRadar Product”

Then complete the form with your personal information and choose a password that you will be using.

In a few moments you will be getting a confirmation and welcome message from Escort.

Download Escort Live

Next you will want to download the Escort Live App to your smartphone and install it.

Pair Your Device

After this is completed you will want to make sure the power is activated on your detector and then go into the Bluetooth settings of your phone and pair the device.

Now that your phone is paired with your detector, the next step is to open your Escort Live App and sign in with your username and password.

Escort Live Overview

For the sake of easy viewing I will be recording the remainder of this video with the screen of my iPhone in landscape mode.

The blue Bluetooth icon in the top right of the screen indicates that I am connected to my detector and if you press it you’ll see the model number.

In the center of your screen you will see a map with a blue dot, this is showing your location.

You will see from this video that I’m located at our offices, which is located on 251st Ave, just north of the Carefree Highway in Morristown Arizona.

You will also see that there were two recent K band alerts at this location.

This is because prior to recording this video, I tested our system to make sure everything was working.

Now just for the fun of it, lets scroll out a bit and see if there are any Escort Live alerts in my area.

Well in fact there is, the first one is a cop spotted alert that was entered on Highway 93 an hour ago, another cop spotted that was entered 5 minutes ago, and another hot alert that was 24 minutes ago.

So if you were now driving north of Wickenburg Arizona on this stretch of highway, you will have plenty of warning that there is an officer in that area.

Now for the heck of it lets check a more populous area, the west side of Phoenix.

Now these red icons with cameras show speed camera locations, the blue icon is a red light camera location and the red icons with the star are speed trap alerts.

So right now, if you were in the area of one of these locations, your detector would be alerting you through the Escort cloud.

So lets take a moment right now to explain how these alerts all get entered

Because the chances of ever getting a false alert on Ka or on Laser are remote, those are automatically entered into the Escort Live system.

However K, X and Cop Spotted alerts are entered manually with intervention.

Let me show you an example.

I’m going to press the center icon on the bottom of the map, which will center our location on the map and activate a K band radar gun.

As my detector alerts the screen of my phone asks if I want to report this alert or lock it out.

If I pressed the lockout button this would lock out the exact K band frequency of 24.146 Ghz at this location.

This would be helpful if it was a false alert location, such as a supermarket or a gas station with an automatic door opener, but it isn’t so I will press the report button.

And a few seconds after I do this, my location is now is being shared with any Escort Live user that is driving in my area.

Yup, the guy outside of my office just slowed down…

Now let’s review what some of the other marker locations are, just incase you’ll ever see them show up on your device

By pressing the blue gear button on the bottom right will take you to settings, and then press alert settings.

Here you will see the icons for the various alerts like Live Radar Alerts, Police Spotted Alerts, Mobile Speed Camera Alerts, Speed Traps, Air Patrol, Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras and other locations.

Now right here you can also change the distance of how far away you would like to be alerted before you reach these locations, if you want this to show up on your map, and selecting the tone or voice.

Now in this last segment in this first video is how to mark your own locations.

By pressing the icon with the plus symbol this screen will open up.

You will see a set of four blue icons and two red icons.

The blue icons only save the location to your radar detector and are not shared with the Escort Live Community.

However the two icons in red, Police Spotted and Mobile Camera are.

By pressing the Police Spotted alert your sending a warning to all the other Escort Live members in our community that you just spotted a police officer and the mobile camera alert to warn everyone of the exact location of a photo radar van.

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