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Are You Ignoring K-Band Radar Detector Alerts?

Do you have an older radar detector that is constantly alerting on K-Band?

If so are you beginning to ignore them?

If you have a radar detector more then a couple years old you may be getting frustrated because of all the K-band false alerts it is picking up.

This is because car manufactures have begun installing adaptive cruise control sensors in new cars, which operate on the same K-band frequency that police use.

And because of these false alerts you may have started brushing off these K-band alerts, which can ultimately cause an expensive speeding ticket.

During this 2-minute video I’ll be sharing with you a K-band encounter we recently had that was real with our Passport Max2 and the Beltronics STiR Plus radar detectors.

Now one of the benefits with each of these detectors that both have Escort’s newest digital signal processing firmware which enables them to filter out most of those annoying false alerts.

Also during this video you’ll witness why antenna positioning is so important in encounters like this as the Passport Max2 radar detector alerted much sooner then the Beltronics STiR Plus.

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