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Escort Max 360c Radar Detector Review Escort Max 360c

Our Escort Max 360c review shows this is the first radar detector ever to use WIFI.

The Max 360c's dual antennas provides full 360 degree protection with colored directional arrows along with the ability to filter out most of the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed in new cars today.

List Price: $699.95
Escort Max 360c Price: $649.95

TMG Laser Defender Laser Jammer TMG Laser Defender Laser Jammer Dual

TMG Laser Defender is one of the most advanced dual-head laser jammers ever offered.

Introductory Price (Limited Time): $629.99
Escort Redline EX Review Escort Redline EX

The Escort Redline EX is an extreme range radar detector which now includes GPS, Bluetooth, while remaining completely stealth to the Spectre RDD.

Price: $599.95

Waylens Horizon Dash Cam Side View Waylens Horizon Dash Cam

Waylens Horizon is specially-designed to let you capture and share the thrill of your drive. Horizon lets you overlay driving performance data on video and share your best driving moments in real-time.

Price: $499.95
Waylens Secure360 4G Dash Cam Waylens Secure360 4G

Waylens Secure360 4G personal security dash cam with push notification and video to your smartphone and the cloud.

Price: $399.95
noLimits noPhoto NP1 RedLight-Speed Camera Jammer noLimits noPhoto NP1 Red Light & Speed Camera Jammer

The noLimits noPhoto NP1 detects flashes from both red light & speed cameras and instantly flashes-back so your license plate appears completely overexposed and unreadable to the traffic cameras.

Price: $399.95
Waylens Secure360 WIFI Dash Cam Waylens Secure360 WIFI

Waylens Secure360 WIFI personal security dash cam provides long duration video recordings with event triggering.

Price: $299.95
Whistler CR97 Review Whistler CR97

Best value-priced high-performance GPS equipped radar detector. Detects all police radar and laser bands used in North America, includes FMCW alerting, and is equipped with an internal GPS photo enforcement database

List Price: $299.95
Whistler CR97 Price:
Sale Price: $249.95


About RadarBusters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "RadarRoy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

To learn more about Roy, read our reviews, or download our free very informative eBook click here.

Return Policy

Dash Mounted Detectors, Accessories, Mounting Systems: These products come with our 30-day money back guarantee provided that they are returned in a resalable condition. This requires that all parts, accessories, warranty cards and all original packaging are returned. Refunds do not include any shipping costs. Products returned that do not include the original outer packaging will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Installed Products: Any detector/laser jammer product that requires installation is exempt from our 30-day return policy if the product is removed from the packaging and/or if the buyer installs and/or attempts to install the product on a vehicle it becomes a nonreturnable product.

This exception includes all laser jammers, installed detectors, and the Veil Stealth Coating.