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Passport Max 360 Radar Detector Testing

Passport Max 360 Radar Detector Overview

The Passport Max 360 is Escort’s newest radar detector and two of its most distinctive features are:

#1 – The Max 360 is has a dual feed horn design, with one antenna facing to the front and the other to the rear, along with arrows that pinpoint the location of the threat.

#2 – The Max 360 also has Escort’s newest DSP (digital signal processing), which enables the Max 360 to filter out MOST of the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed in new cars.

Anti-Collision Sensor False Alert Filtering

One of your biggest concerns when selecting a new detector is its ability to filter out the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors which are installed in most new cars today.

This is because many of these sensors use the exact same K-band frequency that police use.

Because of this Escort developed a new patented technology to suppress these false alerts and the Max 360 is Escort's first detector to have this software installed.

And the biggest advantage of this new filtering software is that it each time Escort's engineers identify a new guidance system, they can incorporate the filtering capabilities into a firmware update, which the user can then download online and install into their detector.

Passport Max 360 Test Overview

We performed our testing of the Passport Max 360 on a four-mile stretch of the Sun Valley Parkway, just west of Surprise Arizona, between mileposts 124 to 128.

This section of highway is straight and relatively flat, with a few dips in the road.

And because we were also testing several other detectors during this test, we used a universal windshield mount, not the stock one supplied by the manufacture, so we could have all the detectors we tested in the exact same location on our windshield.

What is the Difference Between the Passport Max 360 and the Passport Max 360 Platinum Edition?

Escort also has a second version of the Max 360 called the Platinum Edition.

The only real difference between these two editions is the that the Platinum edition will only be sold in retail outlets and it includes a coffee mug.

Results of the Passport Max 360 Radar Test

Forward Facing Testing

During our forward facing testing we found the detection of the Passport Max 360 equaled the performance of the Passport Max, Max2 and the Beltronics GT-7.

• Kustom Signals Golden Eagle 35.5 Ka-Band Test – 10,500 Feet
• Applied Concepts ATR 34.7 Ka-Band Test – 15,700 Feet
• MPH Bee III 33.8 Ka-Band Test – 14,000 Feet
• MPH Z-25 K-Band Test – 16.100 Feet
• Dacatur Genesis VP K-Band Test – 14.600 Feet

Rear Facing Test

During the rear facing testing, the Max 360 was able to detect all of the radar guns slightly over 2-miles away.

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