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How to Program Your AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer

When you receive your AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer it will be programmed as a parking sensor only.

This is because laser jamming is illegal in various countries and AntiLaser labels the box as a parking sensor, which is legal throughout the world.

Because of this to transform your AntiLaser into a fully functional laser jamming system there are a few things you need to do which Radar Roy shares with you during this 5-minute video.

Register You AntiLaser Priority

The first step is to register your ALP Laser Jammer by clicking here and completing the form.

When you do this you will need the serial numbers that are attached to the boxes, so please make sure you get those before you through them in the trash.

Programming Your AntiLaser Priority

Then the next step it to go to their website where you can download the firmware for your ALP system by clicking here.

Before you begin this process it’s recommended that you have a USB flash drive formatted for FAT-32.

Once you select the programming you want, download the file and save it to your USB drive.

Then plug it into your AntiLaser Priority, power your system on and in about 60 seconds your system will be transformed from a parking sensor into a fully functional laser jamming system.

Additional Support

If you need any tips or support on how to program your ALP system a great place to go is the RadarDetector.net forum.

Here you can interact with other ALP users who are all familiar with the product.

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