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Radar Detector Driving Tip - Moving Police Radar

During this 2-minute video you’ll witness first hand a moving Ka-band constant encounter.

The detector demonstrated in this video is the Beltronics STiR Plus radar detector coupled to our radar detector mirror display.

The STiR is a remote mounted radar detector and has been tested to having 8 times the capture distance of a police radar gun.

When an officer enables the moving radar mode on his radar gun he is actually transmitting two signals. One to measure the speed of his car and the other to measure the speed of vehicles approaching and in some cases in the same direction as the officer.

Now in situations as these where you have the officer approaching you in the opposite direction it is important to remember that you’ll have less time to react to an alert.

Because of this its important to have a radar detector that has at least 4 times the capture distance of the officers gun.

Now because we have the STiR, which has over 8 times the capture distance, our detector alerted us to his presence at just under a mile away providing us with ample time to slow down.

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