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Safety Alert Warning System Radar Detectors

SWS Alert SystemSWS is a completely worthless feature in your detector
– Radar Roy

You may notice that all the radar detector manufactures promote the fact that their radar detectors have the ability to alert to the SWS (Safety Warning System).

SWS was a system developed in the to alert motorists of potential road hazards on K band using 64 pre-programmed alerts.

Well during my 20-year career in law enforcement and my 18+ years in the speed counter measurement industry I have only encountered one SWS system and that was during a closed test at Speed Measurement Laboratories back in 2005.

Because of this I have dubbed SWS as being Show Me a System and feel that it's a worthless feature.

However, most of the radar detector manufactures include the ability of having their detectors alert to SWS alerts. Therefore I would recommend disabling this feature in the settings of your radar detector so you will reduce the chances of having your detector alert to false alerts.

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