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What’s Next, Texting Radar Detectors?

Texting DetectorBeing involved in both law enforcement for over 20 years, and now the speed counter measurement community for 19, I’ve seen a lot new technology in both camps.

Some of this technology has its merits, such as the Spectre RDD which can alert law enforcement of radar detectors in vehicles in areas where they are illegal, such as Virginia and Washington DC.

However, it doesn’t take long for the manufacturers in the opposite camp to catch up and develop their own devices to defeat this newer technology, which is exactly what Beltronics did with their introduction of their stealth radar detectors.

Now, there is a new device under development by a company in Virgina, ComSonics, who claims that their device will alert officers to drivers who are texting while driving.

Please realize, I do not recommend that drivers text while driving as this is one of the leading causes of accidents. However, I predict that their text detector will fail and here is why:

1. How would an officer distinguish a text message being sent by a passenger for a driver?
2. What happens if someone sends you a text while you’re driving?
3. And what happens if the cell phone is equipped with hands free text technology?

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