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The Stealth Challenge – The Fireball Run

Do You Want the Same Level of High Performance as Cannon Ballers and Fire Ballers Use?

This race from New York City to Redondo Beach, California is a no holds barred race to prove that "competent, well trained drivers can indeed safely navigate the American Highways at speeds somewhat in excess of the posted speed limits".

This race ultimately spawned two Hollywood films (Cannonball and Cannonball 2) and a legion of fans.

Today, known as the Cannonball One Lap of America, drivers compete in a set of challenges along a 5,000 mile route lapping the United States for a chance to win the first place trophy.

Not only has Radar Roy served as the personal consultant for many of the drivers, including the Catalyst Racing Team and the famous Transcon Medi Vac Ambulance, Radar Roy has also participated in the 2007 Fireball Race as a driver, finishing third place in his class.

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The Very Best in Radar and Laser Equipment

The Catalyst Racing Team Needs THE BEST STEALTH!

The Catalyst Racing Team, in preparation for their Cannonball Run, chose to outfit their car with latest in radar and laser countermeasure devices to avoid those costly and time consuming traffic citations along their route.

Lead driver J.A. Sanchez and sidekick Minesh Patel, made it clear to Radar Roy that they were only interested in the best equipment available and were not interested in second best.

As they would experience virtually every type of speed enforcement available to police today, Radar Roy chose the Beltronics STiR Plus for radar detection, the Blinder HP-905 for Laser jamming, along with the VEIL laser stealth coating.

Beltronics STiR Plus: The Bel STiR Plus is hands down the best remote mounted stealth radar detector ever made.

Blinder HP-905: As the Cannonball race travels through several states where laser jammers are illegal, it was decided to install the Blinder laser jamming system as it is less conspicuous than the other laser jammers on the market and much easier to install.

Three Blinder transceivers were installed on the front of the car, with two of the heads in the top grill area, and one in the lower air scoop.
The forth head was then installed on the rear license plate.

VEIL Stealth Coating: To provide the drivers with an even better edge, the VEIL stealth coating was applied to the car's headlamps, turn signals and the front chrome grill area.

(VEIL is only recommended for the front license plate and the headlamps. But because of the large chrome grill on the Dodge Magnum and because of the importance making this car as stealthy as possible, the chrome grill received one coat of VEIL)

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Beating the Speed Traps

During the 5,000 mile race, the Catalyst Racing Team encountered over twenty radar and seven laser speed enforcement traps.

Radar Enforcement: Lead driver, J. Sanchez "Speedy Gonzalez" commented: "The Beltronics STiR Plus was amazing as it was picking up police radar around corners in mountainous areas."

Both drivers noticed that it picked up police earlier then the famed Valentine One system that other Cannonballers were using.

In three cases, the Bel STiR picked up Ka band alerts long before the Valentine users had any alert.

Laser Enforcement: BLINDER & VEIL Triumph! J. Sanchez reported that next to their NoDoz, the Blinder and the VEIL were by far the greatest asset to the team!

After traveling the first quarter of the race without any laser alerts, the team was questioning the usefulness of these two products.

Their question was shortly answered, as they were within 1000 feet of a state trooper who was hidden on the side of the road.

J. Sanchez commented: "I saw him activate a laser gun and the Blinder lit up like a whore on payday" and I was sure that they had caught us.

However, it "was jam to the gun!"

Looking in their rear view mirror they never saw the trooper pull out from his perch.

After this encounter, they were lasered six more times during the race, four being in just the state of Ohio!

Radar Roy Baby!: After the race, every team member including Brock Yates asked where they had gotten the VEIL and the Blinder and they stated: "Radar Roy baby..."

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Stealthing Out the Tanscon Medi Vac Ambulance

Radar Roy was also selected to stealth out what is considered the “Secret Weapon” from road racing history: the Transcon Medi Vac Ambulance.

This original Transcon Medi Vac Ambulance was built in 1978 and modified with a Mopar 440 punched out to 502 engine and was driven by Brock Yates and Hollywood stuntman Bill Mitchell during the 1979 Cannonball race.

Because of transmission problems, the ambulance died less then 100 miles away from the finish line, in Palm Desert California and never finished the race.

But the ambulance was resurrected for the movie "The Cannonball Run" staring Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, and Don Deluise.

After the filming of the movie, the ambulance was put back into service as a support vehicle for Hal Needham's land speed record attempts in the Budweiser Rocket Car.

The ambulance was later auctioned off by the NASCAR Wives Auxiliary and the last known owner was a flower shop in South Carolina that no longer exists.

That was till Travis Bell, an Indianapolis disc jock who owns the first General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard, was able to track down and purchase the Transcon Medi Vac Ambulance in 2006.

Travis modified the 440 engine to a 502 with Holly 850 carb, Eagle 150 crank and Weiand Aluminum intake and choose Radar Roy to stealth out the Transcon Medi Vac with the same equipment used by the Catalyst racing team.

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