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What You Should and Shouldn't Do When Stopped by Police

This article is based on Radar Roy's 20-years in law enforcement and has helped people just like you avoid getting an expensive speeding ticket.

During the Traffic Stop

Stopped by Police

First off, when a police officer is pulling you over he has no idea who you are. You maybe a wanted felon or you may be the guy that just robbed the bank across town.

Most police officer shootings happen as the officer is approaching your car. Because of this, the officer's stress level is high and he is watching what ever you are doing.

  1. DO NOT get out of the car unless the officer tells you to.
  2. DO NOT reach under the seat or into your glove box for your registration.
  3. OPEN your window slightly (till you know he/she is a real police officer)
  4. PUT palms up on the steering wheel.
  5. LIGHT Up the interior of your car with the inside dome light.

By following these simple rules, a police officer's stress level is reduced and he/she is more apt to give you a break.

Radar Roy
During and after the Citation

If law enforcement does give you a citation and you are planning on taking them to court a couple tips:

  1. If he/she will allow you to look at the radar gun do so. Note the make, model and if you can the serial number. Don't be too obvious otherwise he/she will figure out what you are up to and remember more details when you go to court. You have NO RIGHT to see this radar gun if the officer does not want you to see it. The number one concern of the officer is their safety and your safety and if they don't want you out of the car, so be it.
  2. Note your surroundings, the terrain, any microwave towers, flow of traffic. If you have a camera take some pictures.
  3. Do not say anything that would incriminate you. A favorite question of police officers is "Do you know why I pulled you over"? Be careful because what you say may come back to bite you in court. The officer can be recording you on audio or video tape, or they will document your statements for use later in court.
  4. Be polite. The officer will treat you as you treat him. If you are being argumentative they just may find an equipment violation to add onto your citation.

How to Fight Your Speeding Ticket in Court

Prepare for your case, do your homework. If you ever want to have a laugh go to traffic court and listen to the excuses people use to justify their speeding. The judge has heard them before.

A good defense has always been a good offense.

  1. Was the officer certified to operate radar/laser? Does he have the certification card with him in court?
  2. Is the radar gun licensed with the FCC?
  3. Has the radar gun and tuning forks passed its yearly certification?
  4. Is there an operator log of the use of the radar gun?
  5. Is there a calibration log that each officer must use to log in their calibration reports at the beginning and at the end of their shift?
  6. Does the officer understand "target identification" and the Cosine Angle Effect?
  7. Was the officer's air conditioning fan, radio or other device interfering with your car while he was targeting your speed?
  8. Is the officer aware that that microwave tower, power pole transformer or other electrical device in the area during your violation could interfere?
  9. Was the audio turned on, on the radar gun to identify the Doppler radar and did that audio signal match the display speed?

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