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Is Someone You Know a Left Lane Slow Poke?

Is someone you know a slowpoke driver that likes hogging the left lane?

If so you may want to consider sending them a link to this article to make them aware that they are not only putting themselves at risk, but they are also breaking the law.

In a research study performed by the Scientific Reports back in 2012, they showed that a few slowpoke drivers obstructing the flow of traffic typically cause most traffic jams and that a car traveling at 5 miles per hour slower then the flow of traffic are 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident and 39 times more likely to be involved in a road rage incident.

Also as shown on this map from MIT, all 50 states now have laws on their books restricting the use of the left lane.

Drivers Laws Fast Lane

Why Some People Feel It’s Ok to Be a Slow Poke

During my 20-year career in law enforcement I pulled over 100’s of drivers who thought they were doing a public service of some sort by hogging the left lane and slowing traffic to a crawl.

One of the most memorable was a mother who had three of her small children in her car.

After I explained to her why I had stopped her she began yelling, saying something to the effect of:

Ok, let me get this right. I’m doing my good by driving the speed limit of 65 blocking everyone and now I’m going to have to pull over to let some fool pass me at 95 other wise you’re going to give me a ticket?

I just remarked, “yes mam” as I handed her, her citation.

States Now Cracking Down Harder on Slow Pokes

Georgia recently passed a new law called the Slow Poke Bill that made it a misdemeanor to drive in the fast lane if your not passing another vehicle.

Increase in Road Rage Incidents

Each day there are thousands of road range incidents reported every day stemming from angry drivers who feel that they are protecting their god given right to drive in the fast lane, or by a driver upset that some slow poke driver is hogging the left lane, some of these turn violent or even worse deadly.

The bottom line is this, pull over before it’s too late to regain your composure; it’s not worth your life.

Your Thoughts and/or Comments?

Do you have an opinion about slow pokes driving slow in the fast lane?

If so please consider sharing them with our community in the comment area below.

Drive safe, Drive Smart and Drive Protected
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