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Active Radar Jammer Review

Did you know that an active radar jammer could land you a 5-year prison sentence and a $50,000 fine?

The Federal Communications Commission has very strict rules when it comes to jamming our airwaves.

As an example back in 2007, the Federal Communications Commission went on a rampage fining Rocky Mountain Radar for illegal marketing practices and then raided the home and offices of a US based supplier that was importing the Scorpion radar jammer from the Poland based manufacture Doppler Polska.

Since this raid the manufacture has been frequenting various car and radar detector enthusiast forums, sending private messages to unsuspecting users shopping for a radar detector and/or jammer.

Because of this I have put together this review of their product(s) and the risks associated with owning these types of products.

Scorpion Ultimate Radar Jammer Review

Scorpion Ultimate Radar Jammer Review
The Scorpion Radar Jammer is still sold today on various auction sites with various names including the Scorpion Plus, Phantom RCD XP and the Scorpion XP.

I sourced a Scorpion Ultimate in June of 2005 from another US based distributor Tiger Lilly Products who was also importing these devices, but was not implicated in the FCC investigation.

The Scorpion Radar Jammer is a three-part system, consisting the main controller and two external antenna modules that are mounted inside the grill.

I tested the Scorpion against the Bee III Ka 33.8, the ATR Ka 24.7, the Talon Ka 35.5 the SpeedGun X 10.535 and the Decatur DSR-K 24.150 and it jammed all 5 guns.

However a few months after this first test, I did a second test and the Scorpion was unable to jam any of the Ka guns and had limited results on K band.

It was later discovered in lab testing that the Scorpion had fallen out of frequency and needed to be re-calibrated.

Other users of the product also were experiencing the same problems and they began contacting the two US based distributors and the manufacture, posting angry messages on forums.

The distributors agreed to take these units back and for $50 recalibrate the device.

A few customers took them up on their offer, however it was soon discovered that this recalibration had to be done on a bi-monthly basis and because the units had to be shipped back to Poland it was a time consuming process.

Eventually the buyers of this product began tossing them in the trash or selling their units on eBay in an attempt to get some of their money back.

The Scorpion Raid

Another problem for the customers of the Scorpion is that during the FCC raid customer records were seized.

Because of this other dealers and customers were contacted directly by the F.C.C. with a warning, give up your Scorpion or go to jail. Which would you do?

Blue Raider Jammer Review

Blue Raider Jammer Review
In June of 2011 Doppler Polska, under the user names of Microwave, Leon76, and Micom began posting on various car enthusiast forums that they were selling a new radar jammer called the Blue Raider.

The Blue Raider system now became a four-part system, with three separate antennas; X band, K band and Ka band.

Soon after this there was a feed frenzy on forums, with users clamoring to buy one for their own cars.

But did it work?

Not according customers:

Microm is smart... He takes your money and then waits until you are on the last day for PayPal claims to ship item. (Takes months to ship) Then when you say its not working he stops responding to emails. I sent him several videos showing it not working. I also know several others that listened to both of your lies about the product and none of them have been able to use it. Show us a video with real current radar equipment not a 20 year old radar gun.. A real current gun where this BR actually does something. Show me a video with a MPH Ranger, A BEE III, Enforcer or even a Python being jammed.

In the testing I performed on a unit a friend has, it was unable to jam even a simple K band speed sign!

Other Illegal and Spammy Tactics by Micom and Doppler Polska

Spammy Tactics by Micom
In various posts on RadarDetector.net the user Microwave is referred to as a “scammer”.

One of his most troublesome practices is that he requests payment in full through PayPal as a payment to friends and family and then waits till the last moment to ship your product so you cannot file a charge back against him.

Another troubling practice is that Micom has scrapped entire websites such as RadarBusters and modified the content to give the appearance that we support and/or sell his product, I can assure you, we don't!

Because of this we have filed a DMCA take down request with Google and their ISP.

Avoid Jail Time and Being Scammed

The bottom line is this, if your fool enough to fall for Micom and Doppler Polska’s claims after reading our review you deserve 5 years in jail as an awakening to the scammers that are out there to steal your money.

Your Feed Back and Comments

Do you have any feedback and/or comments that you would like to add to this discussion? If so please use the area bellow.

Drive safe, smart and protected…

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