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How to Mount a radar detector on a BMW 1150RT or 1200RT Motorcycle

During this 2-minute video, you'll discover how easy it is to mount your radar detector to your BMW 1150RT or 1200RT motorcycle

BMW 1150RT or 1200RT Motorcycle Radar Detector Mount

Our Techmount motorcycle mounting system is crafted from aircraft grade billet aluminum.

Because of this it is the most durable and attractive mounting system in our industry.

Our BMW 1200RT center mount attaches to the top cast aluminum upper handlebar assembly by replacing two of the eight, handlebar bolts.

  1. Remove the two most forward original handlebar-mounting bolts one at a time.Then place the two Techmount spacers into the recessed area from which the original bolts were removed.
  2. Next install the two replacement mounting bolts and using a torque wrench torque to 18 pounds.
  3. Once your base plate is installed you are now able to install our radar detector top plate, which will fit any windshield mounted radar detector.

Another recommended accessory is our Legal Speeding HARD system, which is a wireless LED system that will alert you when your radar detector goes off.

The transmitter simply plugs into the RJ11 plug on your Escort, Beltronics or Valentine One radar detector and the receiver Velcro’s to outside of your helmet.

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