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Can the Spectre RDD Detect Your Detector?

All radar detectors leak a small amount of signal that police can detect by using a "Radar Detector Detector" (RDD).

In states, provinces, or countries where radar detectors are prohibited, police often use the Spectre RDD.

The first RDD's (VG-2's) were designed to detect and reveal radar detector presence by recognizing its tuning oscillator.

Radar detector companies struck back by moving their tuning frequency outside this scanned area, making their units "VG-2 Proof".

All was well until Stealth Micro Systems developed the Spectre.

How the Spectre Works

The Spectre unmasks radar detectors by sweeping a larger spectrum and a higher frequency than previously possible. The Spectre also sweeps multiple bands.

The first Spectre (Spectre I) was a success and was purchased by police agencies worldwide.

Radar RoySpectre Updated

In October 2003, Stealth Micro Systems updated all the Spectre One units used in North merica to the Spectre II.

Cobra and a few other radar detector companies declared their 2004 model radar detectors immune to Spectre technology (Spectre I) at about the same time.


In April 2004, the Spectre II was then updated to the newer Spectre III

Radar Roy tests Radar Detectors w/Spectre III

Because I’m a certified traffic radar instructor, I have been able to purchase the hard to obtain Spectre II and III my through law enforcement contacts.

I then used my Spectre II and III to test radar detectors to verify manufacturer's claims.

The only detectors that I have found that are invisible to the Spectre are:

Spectre False Alerts

As any radar detector owner knows, no radar detector is immune to false alerts.

This is also true of RDD's, and the Spectre is no exception.

Law enforcement officers have complained about the inordinate amount of false alerts that RDD's produce.

The false alerts can be caused by any number of other devices operating on the same frequency.

During one test with an RDD manufacturer he became upset because the testing site was within 10 miles of a US Air Force Base.

He claimed some false alerts triggering his device were caused by the microwave emissions from the base.

There have been several reports that some XM radios will set off Spectre units.

I have a GPS tracking system installed on both my Harley Davidson motorcycle and my Ford F-350 pick-up. I have found that the GPS tracking unit installed on my Harley, will set off a Spectre, while the same unit installed my truck, will not set off the Spectre.

The Spectre can't positively pinpoint a specific vehicle that contains a radar detector.

It merely provides "reasonable suspicion" that a device in the area has activated the RDD.

If you are the only vehicle in the area, an officer may stop you and ask if you are using a radar detector.

Based upon your statements, actions and observations an officer may decide he has probable cause to search your vehicle.

The only safe way to avoid RDD detection is to turn your radar detector off or to purchase a radar detector that is stealth to the Spectre.

Spectre Defense – Non Stealth Radar Detectors

If you’re driving with a non stealth radar detector in states/providences where radar detectors are illegal, or if you’re a professional driver, here are some tips:

• The Spectre's antenna is a directional device, meaning that the Spectre would be pointed directly at the flow of traffic that the officer wanted to monitor. By tilting your radar detector's antenna toward the ground, instead of straight ahead, you will reduce the detection of your radar detector significantly.
• If you notice a patrol car or suspicious "police like" vehicle is in the area, with a device mounted in the center of the windshield, it could be a Spectre. If the officer starts following you and appears to be moving angle of this device back and forth, it would be a good indication that he is sweeping the area. Turn your radar detector off! No RDD can detect a radar detector that is turned off.
• Slow down and turn your radar detector off AS SOON as it issues any kind of alert! If an officer is running radar and an RDD, you should be down to speed when you get within RDD range and your radar detector should not trigger an RDD.

Become Spectre Proof

The Cat and Mouse game has ended! - Radar Roy

If you’re a professional driver, a road warrior, or live/drive in an area where radar detectors are illegal here is a list of the radar detectors that can currently defeat the Spectre and all other radar detector detectors.

  • Escort 9500ci
  • Bel STiR Plus
  • Escort Redline
  • Beltronics STi Magnum

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