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How to Choose the Motorcycle Radar Detector That's Just Right For You.

Enjoy the freedom of the open road without the hassle from the man!

One of the things I enjoy most in life is getting out on the open road and the feeling of freedom riding my Harley affords me.

Stealth Hog
As a result, I know that one of the things that could ruin your day while riding is getting pulled over by the man!

In order to avoid this, I have outfitted my personal Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and several of my client’s motorcycles, with what I would classify as the best in speed counter measurement equipment.

American Iron Magazine and Stealth Street Bike were so impressed with my selection of equipment that they each published a full article in their magazines and dubbed my Harley the “Stealth Hog.”

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Radar Protection for Your Motorcycle

Radar RoyThe first step in choosing which radar detector is best for you is to define your riding style and determine if you would also use your detector in your “cage.”

If you classify yourself as a weekend warrior and/or you have no plans of ever using your detector in your car/truck, then I would recommend the Adaptiv Technologies TPX system.

However, if you classify yourself as an iron butt and/or plan on using your radar detector in your cage, then I would recommend one of the top radar detectors from Escort or Beltronics, and then accessorize it for your motorcycle with a proper mounting and external alert system.

Radar Roy’s Top Picks for Motorcycle Radar Detectors

First off I don’t recommend installing a remote detector such as the STi R Plus on your motorcycle because the controller and display are NOT waterproof and there is no way to interface these units with the Legal Speeding HARD system.

The units I do recommend below are all dash mounted units which you can properly accessorize for motorcycle use.

Escort Max 360

My first pick as the best motorcycle radar detector is the Escort Max 360. The Max 360 has a dual front and rear antennas enabling it to have full 360 degree protection. It also has the best filtering of any radar detector, enabling it to filter out most of the anti-collision sensors.

The Max2 uses DSP technology that is able to filter out many of those false alerts caused by the new adaptive cruise control systems and also includes an internal Bluetooth chip set that enables you to connect to the Escort Live community.

Escort RedLineBeltronics STi Magnum

My second choice in the best radar detector's for motorcycle use category would be both the Escort RedLine and the Beltronics STi Magnum.

Both detectors are high performance detectors that are best suited for highway use. They are also stealth to all the radar detector detector devices such as the Spectre RDD.

Passport Radar Detector

The Passport also inlcudes DSP technology that is able to filter out many of those false alerts caused by the new adaptive cruise control systems and also includes an internal Bluetooth chip set that enables you to connect to the Escort Live community.

Adaptiv TPX 2.0 Motorcycle Radar Detector

Another good radar detector system for your motorcycle is the Adaptiv TPX 2.0 radar detector.

Their new detector was tested at our 2015 radar detector and laser jammer shootout and found to have 4x the range of a police K and Ka band radar detector, placing it in the 3-star radar detector category.

The main benefit of the Adaptiv TPX system that it is specifically designed for use on your motorcycle in that it is waterproof, shock proof, has large buttons enabling you to program your detector and has an external LED warning light.

Powering Your Motorcycle Radar Detector

Along with your purchase of your radar detector, don't forget to also purchase a direct wire cord or install an electrical power port.

I recommend powering your detector through an accessory circuit on your bike so that when you turn off your ignition your detector will turn off too.

Motorcycle Radar Detector MountChoosing the Best Mount for Your Motorcycle

I would NEVER advise using any suction cup mounting system to install your radar detector to your motorcycle, as it can be shaken off due to your bike's vibrations.

A second company I own, PowerSportsUs, has the distinction of being a master distributor for the Techmount brand of motorcycle mounting systems.

Because of this, we typically have all the various motorcycle radar detector mounts and motorcycle cell phone mounts in stock at the best prices.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Alert System for your Radar Detector

Legal Speeding HARD SystemWhile you're riding you should keep your eyes on the road ahead and not on your detector!

Thus, I recommend the Legal Speeding Helmet Assisted Radar Detector Alert system, aka the H.A.R.D. system.
It's a wireless system that contains two parts: the transmitter and the receiver.

The transmitter interfaces with all the radar detectors listed above through the power port, and the receiver Velcro’s to your helmet.

When your detector activates, it sends a wireless signal to your helmet which then flashes a bright LED light, that you place outside of your peripheral vision, to tell you that the detector has alerted.

Protecting your Radar Detector against the elements

One tip that I will pass on is to buy yourself a child's size shower cap and keep it with you when you ride.

This way, if you're riding in inclement weather all you need to do is slip it over your detector to protect it.

Escort LIVE?

The new Escort Passport and the Passport Max2 will both work with Legal Speeding’s HARD system as they have built in Bluetooth for Escort LIVE .

However, the external Escort LIVE modules are NOT compatible to the HARD system.

Motorcycle Laser Jamming System

Now, if you're an "iron butt" rider that wants the security of also beating police lidar enforcement, then you would want to consider installing an active laser jamming system on your motorcycle.

The one that I personally use and recommend is the Blinder HP-905 because of its compact size and power.

However, you may need to be a little creative installing the system on your bike, as there are no motorcycle mounts available for this system. Although, I have done a number of successful installs by just using 3M double sided automotive tape to attach the jammer heads.

I also typically install the controller under the seat to protect it from the elements, and connect an external LED between the blue and red power cables for alert status.

About Radar Busters

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

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