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Cobra Radar Detectors

In June of 2015 Cobra Electronics merged with Escort Radar and today the new line of Cobra radar detectors are the best affordable radar detectors on the market today.

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Cobra RAD 450 Cobra RAD 450

Cobra RAD 450

Cobra's smallest and least expensive detector made today. A huge seller.

List Price: $169.95
Cobra RAD 450 Sale Price $129.95
Cobra DualPro 360, Dual Pro 360 Cobra DualPro 360

Cobra Dual Pro 360

Extreme performance, dual antenna, directional arrows, GPS photo enforcement.

Price: $449.95

Cobra Road Scout Cobra Road Scout

The Cobra Road Scout is designed with intelligent sensors that monitor and detect road threats combined with a high definition dash cam to capture unexpected moments.

Price: $449.95

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