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Constant On K-band Radar Detector Test and Review

Selecting the right radar detector can make the difference of getting a ticket, or not getting a ticket.

Because of this we created this video where we test four radar detectors against a MPH K-band radar gun in constant on mode;

(All these four radar detectors were new and the REDLiNE was not segmented.)

During this video you'll witness first hand and discover:

  • The performance characteristics of these four radar detectors
  • Which radar detectors performed the best and which failed
  • And why you should only invest in a detector rated in the 3-star category and above

K-band Constant On Radar Detection Results:

  • Passport Max2 detection at approximately 6960 feet
  • Escort REDLiNE detection at approximately 6900 feet
  • Passport detection at approximately 6160 feet
  • Uniden LRD950 at approximately 5800 feet

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