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Cordless Radar Detector Review

Are you considering purchasing a cordless radar detector?

Don’t and here is why.

Cordless Radar Detector ReviewWhy You Shouldn’t Go Cordless

The number one reason you’re considering purchasing a radar detector is to detect police radar to avoid a speeding ticket right?

Well the problem by going cordless is that your detector will NOT give you ample warning when you’re shot with the newer low power digital radar guns.

This is because in order to conserve battery life, cordless radar detectors use low power components. So even if you plug in your detector the performance will not increase, as the components inside the detector don’t care if they’re getting their power from a battery or your cigarette lighter.

Direct Wire Alternative

One of the reasons that you may want to go cordless is to do away with the cords hanging from your windshield.

If so there is an alternative, direct wiring your radar detector to your fuse box.

During this video I walk you through the process of direct wiring your radar detector yourself.

Recommended Items and Tools

When direct wiring an Escort or Beltronics windshield mounted radar detector there are some items you will need:

  1. Direct wire cord – The most important item you’ll need is the direct wire cord that you would connect to your fuse box and then interface with your detector.
  2. Add-a-Circuit – Makes the process of tapping into your fuse box much easier. Remove an accessory fuse such as your radio, replace it with the Add-A-Circuit while also placing the fuse you removed into the corresponding slot and add a secondary fuse for your detector.
  3. Voltage Meter – Used to check the voltage of your install.
  4. Wire Crimping Tool – Used to connect the direct wire cord to the Add-A-Circuit.
  5. Screwdriver and pliers – Used during the install.
  6. Zip Ties – Used to secure wires after the install.

Professional Installations

If you don’t feel comfortable direct wiring your radar detector you can take it to any 12 volt install shop such as a Best Buy or to you local automotive shop and have them do this for you.

The average charge is around $50.

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