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How to Defeat iR Based Photo Enforcement Cameras

Ekin Technology was founded in 1992 in Istanbul Turkey developing video recognition surveillance products along with photo enforcement red light and speed cameras.

They are new focusing a lot of attention on the North American market by opening two new offices in Ottawa Canada and in New York City.

The Kissimmee Police department in Florida is now testing a new product from Ekin called Intelligent Patrol.

Because of this I have been doing some preliminary research about the Ekin system to identify weaknesses and solutions to defeat them.

Ekin Enforcement Camera Enforcement Overview

iR CameraEkin’s Speed TraffiSec Traffic Control and their Red Speed TraffiSec Traffic Control system are fixed camera systems utilizing either a white or red iR flash with a camera having a resolution of 16 mp.

The technology used to identify speeding and/or red light violations can either be lidar, radar or loop technology (embedded sensors in pavement).

In addition to measuring speed, Ekin also uses plate recognition software to identify vehicles crossing its path.

PatrolIntelligent Patrol

Ekin’s newest product is called Intelligent Patrol and it's a mobile device that mounts to the top of patrol cars which records, identifies and capture the speed of vehicles along it’s path using a 3D multi-beam radar which they call “3-D Smart Radar”.

Their system pictured here installed in a overhead light system has a total of 8 antennas, three to the front, three to the rear and one on each side.

Information is sketchy at best of what frequency their “smart radar” uses, however it’s my best guess they are using low powered Ka antennas.

IR License Plate ReaderAlso installed into the patrol car are iR video cameras that record vehicles to the rear and front, which record the vehicle speed and vehicle information using plate recognition software.

Presently the Kissimmee police department in Florida is the only agency in the US who has Ekin’s system.

The Weakness of the Ekin System

From my research the weakness of the Ekin system is that they utilize iR cameras for plate recognition and the recording of violations.

Because of this using either the iR Invisi-Plate by OnTrack should be capable of foiling the Ekin system.

Thoughts or Comments?

Do you have any thoughts or comments about the Ekin system or photo enforcement in general? If so please share them in the comment area below:

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