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Does the VEIL Stealth Coating Work?

Chances are if your radar detector alerts to laser it's already too late: the officer has already captured your speed.

Because of this, you need an extra layer of protection that will either reduce the reflectibility of your vehicle and/or a good laser jammer.

VEIL is a stealth coating that you can apply to the headlights and front license plate of your vehicle which in several tests has reduced the reflectibility of a vehicle as much as 72%.

The VEIL Coating will then afford you the extra seconds you need to check and adjust your speed accordingly.


VEIL is applied with a paint brush (which is provided) just like you would any other kind of paint.

It dries to a satin-like finish and forms a weather-resistant film which also serves to protect headlights from road debris.

The coating is easily removable with some common consumer household products.

Radar RoyVEIL is not designed to be used on the painted surfaces of your vehicle.

VEIL is not an active or passive ECM (electronic countermeasure) and, as such, its use will not be detected by the laser operator.

ECMs, while oftentimes effective, if not expensive, may alert the officer of their use. Most new LIDAR guns have the ability to detect and inform the officer of certain laser jamming equipment. Additionally, some states and provinces have specifically outlawed the use of laser jamming equipment.

Since VEIL is a stealth coating, it produces no such notification. It will just appear that your vehicle is harder to target at a given distance.

This is normal behavior as vehicles vary from one another in their ability to be targeted. At some point, the officer may likely obtain a valid speed reading, but by then you would have had an ample amount of time to react and SLOW DOWN.

In cases where we have determined that an officer can obtain a reading, it has been reduced to the range of 500-700 feet, depending upon such factors as the kind of vehicle, the speed at which one travels, the conditions outside, the brand of the laser gun, how the gun is operated, and the skill of the laser operator.

Today, most untreated vehicles can be easily targeted at ranges much greater than 1000 feet regardless of their color!

At those distances you will not even be able to see the officer!

Furthermore, most readings take place in less than two seconds, leaving the driver virtually no time to react when alerted.

VEIL reduces that range by making it more difficult for the operator to get a reading and provides you with more time to slow down.

VEIL will not make you immune from traffic enforcement! It is not a license to speed! There is enough other technology in use in traffic enforcement besides laser.

Frequently Asked Questions About the VEIL Stealth Coating

Should I use VEIL with a radar laser detector?

Yes. Users of radar laser detectors will benefit the most. VEIL was designed to be used in conjunction with a good laser radar detector since it will provide you with additional reaction time to slow down when alerted by speed laser traffic monitoring.

Can you wash a car that is VEILed?

Yes. VEIL dries to a weather-resistant film that will withstand repeated washings done by either hand or machine.

How long does VEIL last?

Actual performance will vary depending upon climate. However, we recommend removing and recoating every four to six months during which time, VEIL's tough outer layer serves to protect your lights from the pitting (from road debris) that would normally occur.

What color is VEIL?

The coating appears as a neutral grey. Coated lights will appear somewhat darker and have a color resembling the Xenon HID lighting systems found on some vehicles.
Before Application After Application

Does VEIL reduce light output?

The neutral color does not noticeably reduce the lumen output of headlight systems. In some cases, you may notice a pleasant bluish-violet hue that is often seen on many vehicles employing a HID lighting system.

How do I apply VEIL to my vehicle?

VEIL is applied with a paintbrush to the reflective objects of your vehicle. These include the headlights, fog lights, parking and running lamps. One coating is sufficient on these objects. Use nice long brush strokes in both vertical and horizontal directions, finishing with nice long horizontal strokes to minimize streaking. To eliminate sagging, do not over apply. Do not apply during the heat of the day and preferably in the shade. This will allow the coating to set-up properly to a nice and uniform film. Use a soft damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off any excess paint that may get on the vehicle itself, as it is easily removable when wet. We recommend purchasing a clear and colorless plastic plate cover that can be obtained at most automotive retail stores as the basis of your plate covers. Coat both sides of the plate covers and allow one side to dry thoroughly before coating the other side. Lay the plate covers flat on a piece of newspaper or paper towel as it dries, preferably indoors. This will ensure the coatings will be smooth. For best results, apply VEIL at least 24 hours prior to any precipitation.

Why not paint the car with VEIL?

VEIL is not intended to be used on your vehicle's painted surfaces. Even if it were feasible to do this, the cost of the materials make this prohibitive. Drivers of light colored and/or metallic painted cars have more viable alternatives if they wish to maximize VEIL's performance. Using a black vehicle bra in combination will go a long way in reducing your vehicle's visibility to LIDAR. In regions permitting their use, an active laser jammer in combination would further obscure these kinds of vehicles from LIDAR detection.

Should I treat the rear of my vehicle?

That really depends upon where you travel. LIDAR speed traps most often occur from the front. If you know that LIDAR is used to target speeders in your area from the rear, then it would be advisable. However, we have found that vehicles are more easily targetable from the rear and do not benefit as much from treatment. Users of rear active jammers, however, will benefit.

We have seen that even active jammers alone cannot cloak a vehicle reliably in the rear. In this case, using VEIL in addition to a rear active jammer will most certainly improve the performance of the laser jammer. Moving laser is coming - that is operation of laser from a moving vehicle. When this technology becomes available, expect rear targeting to become more commonplace. At that time, treating the rear will become necessary.
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