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Escort 8500x50 – Good Bye My Old Friend

Escort 8500 x50 Radar Detector RIPWhen I first launched the RadarBusters website way back in 1996, the Escort 8500 was just making it’s debut, being haled by Motor Trend as the first radar detector to steal the crown away from the legionary Valentine One, as being the best radar detector.

Since then the 8500 has had a number of major upgrades such as their new M4 antenna design, the addition of the blue display LED, and a few cosmetic changes here and there.

A few months ago I had the privilege of being one of the first to test and review the new Passport radar detector, being told by my Escort rep that they would be phasing out the 8500 shortly after it’s release.

Well today my Escort rep called me asking if I wanted their last nine units, I took one to keep as a memento of an era past.

I’ll have many good memories of my good and trusted friend, Rest in Peace….

Radar Roy

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