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Ghost Radar Detector Review

The Ghost radar detector from Radar Shield Technologies is the worst radar detector that I’ve ever tested” – Radar Roy - April 2015

Ghost Radar Detector ReviewBack in February 2011 I published my first review of the Ghost Radar Detector calling it the 2nd worst radar detector I’ve ever tested.

A year after that review Bravaro Legal LLC sent me a certified letter demanding that I cease and desist from publishing any further “defamatory” statements, reviews, comments, articles, videos, photos about any of Radar Shield Technologies products or owner Mr. Steel or they would file a lawsuit against myself and my company.

In preparation for our 2015 Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Shoot Out I placed an order on eBay with Nir770, (owner of Radar Shield Technology) for their new Ghost radar detector on April 12, 2015 with an expected delivery date of April 16th, two days before our annual test.

However I received notice that my order was not shipped until 5 days later, April 17th, USPS tracking number 9410809699938373348593

Because of Radar Shield Technologies late shipping it wouldn’t arrive in time for our “official” test.

The detector finally arrived on April 23rd, 11 days after I ordered it.

After opening the package I immediately noticed that the Ghost radar detector that I received was different then the one depicted on their website and on their eBay page.

Ghost Radar Detector Review

Ghost Radar Detector Test

On April 25th Robert Rosania the CEO of Laser VEiL (the VEiL Guy), Blake an employee of RadarBusters and myself went to our testing location on the Sun Valley Parkway.

Using the same testing mythology used during the week’s prior test with the same police radar guns we performed a test of the Ghost radar detector.

We started our test 3 miles away and testing the Ghost against the following radar guns:

  • Kustom Golden Eagle 35.5 Ghz
  • Applied Concepts ATR 34.7 Ghz
  • MPH Enforcer 33.8 Ghz
  • Decatur Enforcer K band radar gun

After all the radar guns were tested we moved up to the next quarter mile location and this entire test was video taped.

This test was ended a quarter mile from the vehicle with the radar guns and as the video documents the Ghost never alerted.

Spectre RDD Test

The next portion of our test was to confirm Radar Shield’s Technologies claim that their Ghost radar detector was stealth and this portion of the test was also recorded.

During this portion of the test we confirmed that the Ghost radar detector was indeed stealth to the Spectre.

Laser Detection Test

Prior to performing the laser detection test of the Ghost radar detector we opened the case and removed the rear cover to inspect the internal components of the detector.

During our inspection of the detector we did not observe any laser sensor components which would enable the detector to detect laser.

We then put the detector back together and performed the laser test with a Kustom Pro-Lite laser gun and the detector did not alert.

POP Radar Detector Test

Our last portion of our test with the Ghost radar detector was the POP radar test using a MPH Z25 16 ms K band and a MPH Enforcer 67 ms Ka-band radar guns.

During this test we shot a series of 10 bursts of POP radar with each gun and the Ghost radar detector failed to detect any POP radar.

The Worst Radar Detector Radar Roy Has Ever Tested

Based upon my 20 years of traffic enforcement experience, being a certified traffic radar instructor and my 19 years of experience in the radar detector industry I now rank Radar Shield Technology Ghost radar detector as having the distinction of being the “Worst radar detector that I’ve ever tested”.

Because of Bravaro Legal’s prior threats of civil action demanding that I not publish any “defamatory” statements, reviews, comments, articles, videos, photos about any of Radar Shield Technologies products, the Ghost radar detector used in this test will remain in my custody pending any future legal action.

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