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TPX H.A.R.D. Visual Motorcycle Radar Alert System
H.A.R.D. Helmet Assisted Radar Detection V

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H.A.R.D. Helmet Assisted Radar Detection Visual Alerting System

If you have a radar detector on your motorcycle, you know how hard it is to hear or see it when it activates.

Because of this we have created the H.A.R.D. system, a wireless heads up display

Availability: August 1st, 2023

Price: $198.00
Sale Price: $179.99

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Product Code: HARD-VISUAL


Motorcycle H.A.R.D. Radar Detector Visual Alerting System

Will you hear or see your detector when it alerts while riding?

Missing an alert on your detector can cost you an expensive speeding ticket!

The H.A.R.D. System is a wireless heads up display for motorcycle riders

The transmitter interfaces with your Escort, Beltronics or Valentine 1 radar detector using the RJ11 power cord.

The receiver mounts to the outside of your helmet and comes equipped with a bright LED light that you would place just outside of your field of vision while riding.

When your detector alerts, it sends a signal to the receiver and the bright LED light flashes warning you of a speed trap ahead.

The primary benefits of the H.A.R.D. System are:

  1. No Wires between you or your motorcycle - H.A.R.D. utilizes wireless transmission for critical data: the radar detector warning alert. This eliminates the need to have a clumsy earpiece and avoids tangled wires.
  2. No Modifications to your Helmet or Radar Detector - The H.A.R.D. transmitter simply plugs into your radar detector and the receiver is easily placed inside your cheek pad or can be mounted on the outside of your helmet. This allows for quick and easy installation with no tools needed for installation.
  3. Clean and Simple Design "The H.A.R.D. System is nearly invisible to others. The transmitter and receiver are small in size avoiding the risk of being seen by the people giving you tickets (no need to give them another reason for not letting you out of a ticket).
  4. Same Benefits as Sophisticated Military Heads Up Display - Heads Up Displays allow pilots to keep their eyes on their target. H.A.R.D. allows you to keep your eyes on the road without having to look down and try to see the radar detector alerting you of a radar threat. H.A.R.D. also alerts you wherever your eyes are looking. Whether in a curve or looking at the scenery, you will immediately know when your radar detector is providing an alert.
  5. Designed for Motorcycling Conditions - H.A.R.D. provides a visual alert overcoming road noise, music players and intercom systems.
  6. One Radar Detector for all Vehicles " H.A.R.D. is an accessory for existing radar detectors. No need to buy a separate radar detector for your bike. If you are already using an Adaptiv, Beltronics, Escort, or Valentine radar detector, simply take the detector from your other vehicle and use it on your bike.
  7. Compatible with Leading Radar Detectors "The H.A.R.D. System is compatible with the following detectors (when using an approved factory power cord): Beltronics Sti Driver, RX65, RX55, and the V995; Escort Max, RedLine, 9500ix, 9500i, 8500 X50, 8500, 7500S, 7500, 6800, Solo S3 and Solo S2 (Escort Direct Wire Cord option required); all Valentine One models without requiring the Remote Audio Device.
  8. Stand-alone System - Since the H.A.R.D. System is self-contained, you don"t have to worry about changing your current way of riding. This means no need to re-wire your bike or change your sound systems.
  9. Share your Detector - Your H.A.R.D. can transmit up to 50 feet away, enabling you to share your radar detector with other riders in your group who also have a receiver (sold separately)
The HARD System

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5 of 5 Great service November 21, 2023
Reviewer: Charles Boylan from Ponchatoula, LA United States  
Placed the order and it arrived quickly.

I rely on the radar alert system on every ride. It's a very good tool to have. The electronics are very reliable. The main issue I've had with older units is the battery cover is very delicate and the 4 retaining screw sockets crack and the cover had to be taped on. Hopefully the new unit will work better.

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5 of 5 So good I bought a spare February 15, 2023
Reviewer: Big John from Tannersville, NY United States  
Love the H.A.R.D. led visual alert system originally purchased from Legal Speeding technologies. Wanted to purchase an additional helmet mount for a new helmet but it seems Legal Speeding was no longer in business.
So happy TPX was now offering the same unit.
Love the system so much I bought both the transmitter and helmet units so I have a spare in case either component goes down.
Let's just say I ride my GoldWing at a spirited pace and this system has saved my ass numerous times!

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5 of 5 H.U.D. August 6, 2022
Reviewer: Thorsten Reichelt from Rio Rancho, NM United States  
great product , used one for many years but don't remember where i bought it. it finally broke and I found this one  works well and i like the design especially the way they made the wiring for the helmet, auto off feature.  just wish these units would have an easier way to replace the battery (toolless)
great product and would highly recommend it.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 TPX H.A.R.D. Motorcycle Radar Alert System January 29, 2022
Reviewer: Russell Bowman from Plano, TX United States  
I purchased the TPX H.A.R.D. Motorcycle Radar Alert System. It arrived quickly and was packaged to prevent any damage to the contents. The setup and installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. I installed the system in only a few minutes and was very pleased with how easy it is to setup and use. I am very pleased with both RadarBusters.com and with the TPX H.A.R.D. Motorcycle Radar Alert System

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  0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
1 of 5 did not work January 4, 2016
Reviewer: Jim roberts from Ft Myers Beach, FL United States  
Unfortunately it did not work I would like to get a refund

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