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Adatpiv Radar Detectors & Laser Jammers for Motorcycles

VIDEO - Motorcycle radar detector review by Radar Roy. Important tips on how to select a radar detector, mounting and external alert system.

Motorcycle Radar Detectors
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Adaptiv TPX Adaptiv TPX Pro TPX Wireless Headset
Adaptiv TPX 2.0 Motorcycle
Adaptiv TPX Price:

Adaptiv TPX Pro Motorcycle
Adaptiv TPX Price:

TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector from Adaptiv Technologies.

Equipped with external LED display and waterproof & shock proof.
Adaptiv TPX Pro GPS Motorcycle Radar Detector

Equipped with external LED display and waterproof & shock proof.
The TPX Wireless Headset interfaces with the TPX motorcycle radar detector to provide you with audible radar detector alerts inside your helmet.
TPX Motorcycle Bluetooth Transmitter
TPX Bluetooth Transmitter
Price: $55.00

The TPX Bluetooth Transmitter interfaces with the TPX motorcycle radar detector enabling you to receive radar detector alerts via Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Radar Detectors

Do you sell motorcycle radar detector mounts?
– Yes, click here for to view all our motorcycle radar detector mounting systems.

Is there such a thing as a motorcycle helmet radar detector? – No, however we do have a wireless visual alert called the HARD system that you can mount to your helmet. The receiver Velcro’s to the outside of your helmet and the transmitter plugs into your detector.

Do you have a Bluetooth device that I can connect to my radar detector? Yes, it is the Adaptiv Bluetooth transmitter, however it will only work with their detector and wireless headset. Instead I would recommend the HARD system.

Do you sell a motorcycle radar jammer? – No, and here is why. It is a federal felony if you offer to sell and/or use a device that can interfere with police radar. The fine is $50,000!

Why don’t you sell the Whistler Crusader motorcycle radar detector? If you’re serious about not getting speeding tickets step up and get something that has better performance.

Do you have any motorcycle radar detector reviews? Yes, click here for our motorcycle radar detector help guides.

Where Can I Find Your Radar Detector Ratings? - Go here to review our radar detector ratings.

What Motorcycle Laser Jammer Would You Recommend? – All the laser jammers we sell on our website will work on your motorcycle and here are our laser jammer reviews.

Do Your Have a Review of the Adaptiv Radar Detector? – Go here for our review of the TPX 2.0 radar detector review.

What Are Your Thoughts of the Liberty motorcycle radar detector? – The Liberty motorcycle radar detector was developed by Whistler in the early 90’s and by today’s standards is completely ineffective in detecting the new police radar guns.

About Radar Roy

Radar RoyThis site is family owned and founded by "Radar Roy," a retired police officer and certified traffic radar instructor, who is considered a leading expert in the speed counter measurement industry.

To learn more about Roy, read our radar detector reviews, or download our free radar detector eBook click here.

Return Policy

Dash Mounted Radar Detectors, Accessories, Mounting Systems: These products come with our 30-day money back guarantee provided that they are returned in a resalable condition. This requires that all parts, accessories, warranty cards and all original packaging are returned. Refunds do not include any shipping costs. Products returned that do not include the original outer packaging will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Installed Products: Any radar detector/laser jammer product that requires installation is exempt from our 30-day return policy if the product is removed from the packaging and/or if the buyer installs and/or attempts to install the product on a vehicle it becomes a nonreturnable product.

This exception includes all laser jammers, installed radar detectors, and the Veil Stealth Coating.