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How Many Laser Jammer Heads?

If you’re considering purchasing a laser jammer for your car or truck one of the questions that maybe swirling around your head is:

Laser Jammer HeadsHow many laser jammer heads do I need for my vehicle?”

Well this depends on several factors:

  1. If you want front and rear laser protection
  2. The size of your vehicle
  3. How reflective your vehicle is

Front and Rear Protection?

The first concern that needs to be addressed is if you want front and rear protection.

Nationally, 95% of all laser is shot to the front of a vehicle as you’re approaching the officers location.

However in some areas this is not the case, example in the Dallas Fort Worth area police are well known for setting up speed traps from overpasses.

In this situation, an officer will shot vehicles from the rear and radio ahead to a chase car to make the stop.

Also in the Phoenix area the Arizona DPS have been targeting cars from the rear as they sit on entrance ramps on the 101 freeway.

To have 100% protection to the rear at least two heads are recommend.

The Size of Vehicle

Your second concern is the size of your vehicle, the larger the more laser jammer heads you will need.

For a typical compact to midsized passenger car two heads for fontal protection will be enough.

For mid size SUV’s and pick-ups such as a F-100 we would recommend a triple for full frontal protection.

And then for larger pick-ups and SUV’s such as an F-350, a quad for full frontal protection.

How Reflective is Your Vehicle?

Your last concern is how reflective is the front of your vehicle.

What we recommend doing is standing in front of your car or truck and just look at the front and ask yourself “If I was an officer, what is the shiniest thing in the front of my vehicle that I would target?”

Is it your:

  1. Front license plate?
  2. Chrome emblems or grill?
  3. Your headlights?

Now you have two other choices to make to reduce your chances of being targeted by police laser in these areas:

  1. Purchase an additional head to cover this area or,
  2. Purchase a can of the VEiL stealth coating and VEiL the reflective area(s).

Where Should I Place My Heads?

I go into much more detail in this video on laser head placement however at 500 feet the circumference of the light beam is approximately 18” wide.

Because of this you may want to consider cutting out an 18” circle and place it in the area where you’re considering placing each head to visualize the coverage area.

Can I Buy Additional Heads Later?

If you purchased the Blinder Laser Jammer system yes you can by clicking here.

Questions and/or Comments?

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