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How to Avoid Laser Enforcement Speeding Tickets

Today police are using new laser guns to catch you in the act of speeding and they never even have to set foot outside of their car to issue you your ticket.

What police are now using are laser guns that have built in video recorders, which record your location, speed, your license plate and the driver.

Then at the end of the officer’s shift he uploads these recording to a computer.

The computer then uses optical character recognition software to read the license plate to identify the owner of the car and the citation is mailed.

And the reason your radar detector may never alert you is because the laser beam being aimed at your front license plate or headlight is only 18” wide at 500 feet.

So unless your detector picked up some laser scatter, it would never alert.

And if it did, its too late, the officer has already captured your speed.

Because the officer can be anywhere and at any time doing this type of enforcement, this type of information could never be entered into any GPS photo enforcement database.

And even if you have the best radar detector equipped with a GPS for the photo enforcement cameras, you’ll never receive any warning until your ticket arrives in the mail.

So how do you beat this new technology so you will not get a speeding ticket in the mail?

With a laser jamming device

Because the laser jammer heads are installed in the grill area of your car, they would be within the beam of the police officers laser gun and once it detects laser it instantly begins its jamming sequence and your car becomes invisible.

And by programming your laser jammer so it automatically deactivates in four seconds, you’re provided ample time to slow down without raising the suspicions of the officer.

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